Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How does this feel?

(Disclaimer: I like sports. Really, I do. I don't follow all of them, and I have been known to root for or against a team based solely on the state they were from (name one likable team from Florida. I dare you.) or the color of their jersey, but, with the exception of cricket and Australian Rules Football, I can watch a game and understand and appreciate what's going on. I like watching a good game, I read Sports Illustrated, I have painted my face and worn a giant foam finger. So, I like sports. But I do not like sports television reporting, and this is just one of many points I could have covered regarding it. Like how the play-by-play guys always say, "The best thing they can do now is score." Why isn't this genius on the team's payroll?)

I'm not really a basketball fan. But I like to see people win so I tuned into the end of the NBA finals to watch the Celtics school the Lakers. And I was happy about that, until the post-game interview. I dislike the post-game interview more than I dislike basketball. And that's really saying something. I'm not talking about the post-game press conference, I'm talking about the interview where the reporter is on the field or court and grabs a player just seconds after they win, confetti and sweat pouring down, fans and players screaming and jumping everywhere, you know, general pandemonium, and attempts to scream the all important question that is burning on every one's lips: "You just won! How does it feel?"

How does it feel? As in, how does winning a championship feel? Well, I guess it feels pretty great. And that's just me saying that having never actually won a championship. How do you think it feels? And what revolutionary thing do you think the player is going to say? "Truthfully, I've had a better time playing basketball on my Wii, but I guess this is okay."

It's not just that they ask the question, it's that they ask it 3 or 4 times.

Reporter: How does it feel?
Player: Great.
Reporter: So, it feels pretty great, huh?
Player: Yeah, it feels great.
Reporter: Have you ever felt this great before?
Player: Well, this is a pretty great feeling...
Reporter: This must be the greatest moment of your life.
Player: (nods head)
Reporter: Of all the great moments in your life, where does this rank? Great, greater or greatest?
Player: Is this a trick questions?
Reporter: No, I just want to know how great does this feel?
Player: (palms the reporter's head and slam dunks it)

Tonight's post-game interview was particularly painful to watch. Some gal pulled Kevin Garnett aside, maybe 20 seconds after the clock ran out and asked him the question. He was emotional and looked like he would rather be with his teammates instead of having this woman nestle under his sweaty armpit with a microphone shoved up his mouth, and he took a second to compose himself and answer the question but answered it well, if not a little incoherently. And then she asked it again. And he answered it another way. And then she asked it again. She would not stop with the question! She just kept clinging onto him like a baby possum and shouting his name, even when he was jumping around and hollering. And it went on FOREVER. It was killing me. Let the man go! You're embarrassing yourself. Now is not the time to be the Young Intrepid Girl Sports Reporter With Moxy. Now is the time to get off the court and let the team have their moment. That would have really felt great.


Andrea said...

Oh Rachel, you said it all perfectly again! I totally agree, those reporters drive me nuts too. And is it just me or does it seem like lately it is only women reporters that are on the court, field, etc.? Not that I'm against female sports reporters, it just seems kind of odd to me.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing about the women reporters. Do they get in on the interviews more easily because of their bright blond hair and flashy teeth? Because they aren't there because they're good reporters. I wish there was some way to mute out only the commentators on a football game (I don't watch much basketball, but football reporters are really dumb) and still get the sound of the crunching helmets and ref's whistles. Maybe that will be the next fancy feature on the latest TV. That would sell it for me.

Karina & John Calderwood said...

I watched that horrible "interview" and was just embarrassed for that lady.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel...

Can I just please high five you across the country!! Thank you for writing what I (& the rest of America) have been thinking for so long!: "Hey sweetheart, shut up and let the man celebrate with his actual team!"

Rachel, your eloquent words moved me and even gave me a tear. You speak so true. Always have since high school. I am glad to know that after some ridiculous amount of years, I can still always trust you to tell it like it truly is!

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of "Extreme Home Makeover" or "Ambush Makeover" or any of those shows where someone's life changes on air for everyone to see. "So, your daughter was killed in a wheat thresher and THEN you found out she had the rickets...how are you feeling right now? So, you're family is being taken to the local herb gardens while we fight about tiles and varnish...how are you feeling right now? So you're back from the herb gardens and your daughter is not able to be here because of the wheat thresher and rickets...how are you feeling right now? So here's your new house done entirely in shades of lime and gold that will make you blind within weeks...how are you feeling right now?"

Wow, I do a good Ty Pennington.