Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The New Half Gallon

Dear Ice Cream Makers of the World,

You think you can fool me but you totally can't. I'm on to your little game. That game where you try to trick people into thinking that they're still getting a half gallon of rocky road but they're actually only getting 1.75 quarts. This would not be such a terrible thing if you lowered the price but you've raised it instead. This is a pretty rotten thing to do. I stood by quietly when the Cadbury Egg Makers of the World pulled the same trick but I will not be silent on this. I demand you give us the half gallon back! Ice cream is a sacred thing.



Laura said...
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Laura said...

Some of them are even doing 1.5 quarts - Breyer's I think! Tragic!

Anonymous said...

So that's why I get through the carton quicker...And Cadbury did it too? Thanks for your observant eye. I will be sure to send a nasty letter to someone. Shame on them.

Jennette said...

I noticed that on Friday too!! I was getting some at Food4Less and the only half gallons were the Kroger. I looked at all the Dreyers, thinking the reduced size was only for a few flavors, but it was all of them! All of them!! Still the same price. I may just have to take my ice cream cravings elsewhere! I did recently discover Burt and Rocky's has fabulous coconut ice cream, and the chocolate orange is pretty good too.