Friday, June 20, 2008

Trust me, you need this.

I keep forgetting to let you know that there are new items in my Etsy shop. Handy little pockets for your purse or bag.

I'm giving Andrea credit for the idea. I saw her pull a little bag out of her purse once and it was stuffed with little things that every girl needs but always seem to get lost in the bottom of the endless abyss that is a lady's handbag. Like an extra large collection of lip balm.
I'm modeling mine over there (using my fiercest pose that I learned from watching all those episodes of America's Next Top Model). The ones on Etsy have snaps instead of buttons. I think the buttons are cuter but the snaps are more convenient. If you would like one but don't see one in a color you like just let me know. I can almost guarantee that the World's Largest Felt Collection contains it.


Andrea said...

Awesome! And to think that my little bag was the inspiration. You're right, I use my bag for lip gloss, little nail files, compact mirrors, party favors, etc. I've actually been in the market for a new little bag to replace the old one. Perfect timing!

Tammy said...

you really have the best lips i have ever seen, watch out angelina jolie!!!

Wendy said...

I teach the Beehives now, and I noticed one of the girls had this great scripture tote made of felt. OF course I immediately thought of you and how this could be another new item for you. It looked like a cute boxy purse, but the inside had dividers just the size to hold scriptures and other take-to-church things. If I think of it, I'll send you a picture of if.

Laura said...

I'm so glad I jumped on this bandwagon before the crowds!! I can't wait to get my little package in the mail! I still think you need to make up some aprons like you made for my b-day. I think those could be big sellers...I've already used mine a couple of times!

Heather said...

SO cute! And I gotta say that I've always thought Andrea's little bags were so smart!
Cute + Smart = Gotta Have