Friday, August 15, 2008

The Theatah!

I love Show Biz People. Don't you? They have such flare and they're just so funny, without actually trying. And you know how much I love that (think Wayne Newton). I love how they're always talking about their "craft" and "the arts" and "when I played Curly in the community theatre's production of Oklahoma!" (Does anyone else sing out the spelling of Oklahoma when they write it?) And I feel like I understand them a little because I was a drama geek in high school (for the record, I was very bad) and I know what comes of too much time under the spotlight. And also too much time hanging out with other Show Biz People.

So it was a real treat for me this morning when we had not one but TWO Show Biz People in my office! They were both in the unwinding room and were chatting away about classes they've taken and songs they're working on and what actor said what about another actor. Oh, the drama! It was a great. One of the guys has wild hair like Mozart and often speaks with a dramatic accent. And the other guy, while I was looking for a clothes pin to attach the wires to his blanket (it is such a long explanation. Don't ask.) he said, "You need a C-47. And I said, "What's that" and he said, "Oh, in Show Business that's what we call a clothes pin." He actually said it! And with a straight face. It was awesome. Later on, when I was pulling his ear (seriously, we do strange things here) I wanted to ask him if he ever played Curly.


Gina said...

Oh, I'm so grateful you're working again, as are you I'm sure. But it warms my heart to hear about many of the choice, random people on earth! Thanks so much! I wonder what a C-48 is?

p.s. Happy Birthday!

Chris said...

Curly? As in "Oklahoma"? That's my favorite musical...I think because I lived in OK for two years (go Jenks Trojans!).