Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Are you looking for your favorite pair of scissors? I have them.

Things I discovered while cleaning my room yesterday. And by cleaning I mean throwing a stick of dynamite in there and running for cover.

1.) I own a lot of scissors. And the funny thing is, I can't ever remember buying scissors. I noticed that there were several pair in my collection that say, "Property of..." and those ...'s are not my name. So, I would like to apologize to the Diamond Bar II Ward, which is no longer in existence and Kristen What's Her Name, who I think was my upstairs neighbor in college.

2.) My reading chair makes for an excellent step ladder. It's a good thing that the lamps I needed to hang went directly above it because it also makes for a good really heavy object.

3.) For me, cleaning my room is an all day event. Once I get started digging things out of the closet and under the bed there is no going back. I must clean and organize until everything has a place. You're asking wouldn't it just be better if I were a tidier person and cleaned every day. Sure. But these are not the Ways of Rachel. I'm trying to make them but it feels like trying to make the earth rotate in the opposite direction.

4.) Knights of Columbus, I own a lot of books. I mean stacks and stacks of them. Please come over and borrow them and forget to give them back. You want a copy of Pride and Prejudice? I have 5. And like the scissors, I don't know how they got there. I've only purchased one copy of P&P. I promise.

5.) I also have lots of crayons. But you can't have them. You can, however, come over and color with me and you can have your own box. We won't have to share the black.
5a.) I do know how I came to have so many crayons. I don't like it when the box gets all ratty and the main colors are worn down to stubs. It's worth it to me to have spend the $3 on a new box. There is genuine joy in opening a new box of crayons.


Chris said...

I think one of the copies of P & P must be mine.

Laura said...

I was just thinking about coloring with crayons! It sounds so fun!! I was actually thinking about the excitement I had as a kid getting that giant box of them with the sharpener in the back. I was on top of the world with a brand new box of crayons! I think I need to go buy a box - and a coloring book - and get in touch with my inner child!

Rach said...

Can you come over and play? And you don't need to bring your crayons because I already have hundreds, too. Same reason as you, plus, if I happen to be walking through the store around back to school time, and see a box of crayons for 10 cents, I buy them. I miss coloring the classics with you! By the way, none of the copies of P&P are mine. I already have 2.

Wendy said...

If only I'd known sooner I could have kept several books you let me borrow...I'm just glad you don't have any of my scissors, because I am proprietary about scissors...I like having scissors handy in several areas of the house (but don't tell my kids lest we have another incident of CT cutting Lily's pigtails off DOWN TO THE RUBBER BAND).

Stephanie said...

I wish there was a place for crayons to go after they have lost their prettiness. Once they are broken, bitten by preschoolers and/or shoved up noses, I no longer consider them valuable.

I end up throwing them away and waiting for the Crayola's to go on clearance, but isn't there a better way?

Tammy said...

i when i clean up i realize how many journals and notepads i have. i remember buying them and thinking that i was going to write my memoirs in them but that ever happens..
so i just have a very cute collection of journals

Heather said...

I once heard that there is a Crayola heaven....(wait for it)....OK! I found it: http://www.crazycrayons.com/recycle_program.html
You can send in your old crayons and they'll make new fun CrazyCrayons!!! I've been tempted to try it, but I don't color nearly enough...