Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've done the math

An update: The Doc is in a much better mood today. I commented on it and she pointed to her eyebrows, upper lip and chin and said, "I took care of this last night and felt so much better." So, to sum up, if you're ever feeling glum just pluck your unwanted facial hairs and the Bluebird of Happiness will once again rest in your soul.

Now let's do some math:

My age: 33

I went to a concert on a school night: -14

I went to see Louden Wainwright III: +13

He's related to Rufus Wainwright: -10

He's his dad: +16

I heard him on Morning Becomes Eclectic: -17

Which is on NPR: +18

He's a folk singer: +11

I went with my dad: +12

We made fun of a guy in a poncho who was sitting a few rows ahead of us: -7

It was in Cerritos (Home of the Ancient and Practically Dead): +13

It was a really great show and I had fun: -6

We left half way through because it was way passed our bed times: +18

Actual age: 80


Gina said...

It sounds like last night would have been a perfect night for your boss to bring out her voodoo stuff and sell it.

Happy Birthday!

Gina said...

I always knew you were older than me.

Katie said...

Wait, wait, wait. Rachel doing math, voluntarily? The planets must be off or something. This is just not right.

Rach said...

You're a pretty peppy geriatric, Rachel. I think you're probably the only one at the Senior Center that has been to a Bon Jovi concert. That should take about 30 years off your age, right?

colleeeen said...

you went to a Bon Jovi concert? BWAHAHAHAHA. you are 14 forever now.