Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grammar Test

Here are my answers from the previous post:

1.) Rocky Road
Chocolate Malted Crunch
Butter Pecan
2.) I've never met a soup I didn't love.
3.) Robin eggs. Because I love malt balls and you can paint your lips with them.
4.) I fear I may be. And yet I still like myself.

As requested by some, the Grammar Test! I'll post the answers later. But, if you're like Valerie and want it graded, you can send it to me and I'll grade it for you and put stickers and happy faces all over it and you can proudly display it on your refrigerator. Just email me for my address.

1.) Both Mr. Higgins and (A-she, B-her) were at the trial.
2.) Please get this information as (A-quick, B-quickly) as possible.
3.) Someone has forgotten (A-their, B-his) briefcase.
4.) Whenever he looks (A-sad, B-sadly), you can be sure something is wrong.
5.) Neither of them (A-approve, B-approves) the new contract.
6.) The company requires the form to be submitted by all of (A-it's, B-its) employees.
7.) (A-Whoever, B-Whomever) handled the case did a wonderful job.
8.) Either John or Mary (A-has, B-have) the directory.
9.) Tuesday is (A-ladie's, B-ladies') night.
10.) The loudest noise now (A-is, B-are) motorcycles.
11.) He (A-set, B-sat) in the chair.
12.) Ira invited Ken and (A-I, B-me) to attend the meeting.
13.) The article he wrote is (A-a, B-an) history of the event.
14.) She could (A-of, B-have) gone.
15.) Each of us (A-is, B-are) here.
16.) I saw in the newspaper (A-where, B-that) prices are rising all over.
17.) The flower smells (A-sweet, B-sweetly).
18.) She (A-use, B-used) to live in the country.
19.) He has already (A-ate, B-eaten) dinner.
20.) Everyone in the fraternity is concerned about (A-his, B-their) popularity.
21.) He is (A-already, B-all ready) to go.
22.) Is the hat (A-her's, B-hers)?
23.) John asked if (A-they're, B-their) coming.
24.) The noise of the engines (A-annoy, B-annoys) all the people there.
25.) The doctor insists that the president (A-remain, B-remains) in bed.
26.) There (A-is, B-are) to be three people there.
27.) Try (A-and, B-to) be there.
28.) They (A-saw, B-seen) to it that she got home safely.
29.) Let's (A-don't, B-not) stay.
30.) He is the (A-principal, B-principle) of the school.


Hannah said...

1)A 2)B 3)A 4)A 5)B 6)B 7)B? 8)A 9)B 10)A 11)B 12)B 13)* 14)B 15)A? 16)B 17)A 18)B 19)B 20)B 21)B 22)A 23)A 24)A 25)A 26)B 27)B 28)A 29)B 30)A

*I'm pretty sure that #13 is technically B, but I HATE when people put "an" in front of "h" words, so I'm boldly going with A!

In other news, grammar tests are stressful.

Valerie said...

Thanks, Rachel. I'm pretty excited, but also a little nervous. But I want to SEND it to you. I need your address.

Stephanie said...

1.) B
2.) B
3.) A
4.) A
5.) A
6.) B
7.) A
8.) B
9.) B
10.) A
11.) B
12.) B
13.) A
14.) B
15.) B
16.) B
17.) A
18.) B
19.) A
20.) A
21.) B
22.) A
23.) A
24.) B
25.) B
26.) B
27.) A
28.) A
29.) A
30.) A

I will be sore embarrassed if I don't get at least an 80%, but some of these were tough!

Rach said...

13.a (b if you are a true snob)
20.b (?)
May I add that I lived in the South for 3 years, which had to have affected my grammar.

Amanda said...

1) A
2) B
3) A
4) A
5) B
6) A
7) A
8) A
9) B
10) A
11) B
12) B
13) A
14) B
15) A
16) B
17) A
18) B
19) B
20) A
21) B
22) A
23) A
24) B
25) A
26) B
27) B
28) A
29) B
30) A

Rachel said...

Nice grammar quiz! If you or your readers want an additional challenge, check out for a 25-question online grammar assessment.

It doesn't have the option of happy faces and stickers, but I suppose you could print out your score and put it on the refrigerator.

Amanda said...

Wahoo! Rachel scored my test and I'm not a total dumbie!! Hooray for good news on Friday. And I had pie for dessert! I hope tomorrow knows that it has a lot to live up to.

Maija said...

I object to the lack of questions involving lie vs. lay and good vs. well. (Mainly because those are the rules I know really good - haha. A little grammar joke. Yes, I'm a dork).

1. a
2. b
3. b
4. a
5. a
6. b
7. a
8. a
9. b
10. a
11. b
12. b
13. b
14. b
15. a
16. b
17. a
18. b
19. b
20. a
21. b
22. b
23. a
24. b
25. a
26. a
27. b
28. a
29. a
30. a

Hannah said...

Wait! How come Amanda got her results and I didn't get mine? Are you playing favorites because Nathan is so cute??? Because, I would totally understand.