Monday, February 23, 2009


Pop Quiz!

1.) This morning on my way to work I heard "It's the End of the World as We Know it" for about the 5th time in 3 days. I'm taking it as a sign and tomorrow I will begin my End of the World Diet, which consists of nothing but Thrifty's Rocky Road ice cream. I know that everyone thinks that the best Thrifty's flavor is Chocolate Malted Crunch, and that's fine, it's a great flavor. But you're all wrong. Rocky Road is the superior ice cream.

Question: What are your top three favorite Thrifty's ice cream flavors? And for those of you who don't know what Thrifty's ice cream is, how will you go on living?

2.) Katie made this soup last night and gave me some left overs for lunch. When I got home from work I felt nigh unto death and so I took a little nap and got up and had some of that soup and I instantly felt 50% better, which is to say I was in the same neighborhood as death but not right next door. The soup was just as delicious and spirit-reviving in leftover form.

Question: Do you prefer brothy soups or chowdery soups? If you're not a fan of soup, why are we friends?

3.) I went to Rite-Aid on my lunch break to get an envelope so I can mail Andrea her apron and I noticed that they have their Easter candy out. (Side note: Does anyone know when Easter is? I don't even know if it's in March or April this year.) There is something wonderful about rows and rows of brightly colored Peeps.

Question: If you could only have one Easter candy in your basket what would it be?

4.) We test all of our clerical applicants on filing, math, spelling and grammar and everyone does great on the first three. But nearly everyone BOMBS the grammar test. And I would say that 90% of those who take it get #12 wrong: "Ira invited Ken and (A-I, B-me) to attend the meeting." Including the person who did the answer sheet because it originally said the answer was A. When we all know the answer is B-me. Well, I read this article today and now I think I'll tell everyone who gets it wrong that even our dear president would too. You know, if his current job doesn't work out and he happens to be looking for long-term temporary clerical or medical employment in the greater Los Angeles area. I actually don't think this is the worst grammar mistake a person can make. In fact, it's a pretty common one. The question that really bothers me is #19: "He has already (A-ate, B-eaten) dinner." If it's down to two candidates with similar qualifications, I will probably give the job to the person who got that question right.

Question: Does this make me a Grammar Snob? And if so, do you still like me?


Amy said...

Top Three Thrifty Flavors: Chocolate Malted Crunch, Mint Chocolate Chip (the perfect shavings of chocolate in there) and ...Chocolate Malted Crunch. (Sorry, not a fan of the Roadster).

Chowdery soups all the way...if it ain't fatty it ain't good.

Sadly, I'm not a fan of most Easter Candy. I'm happy with a Reese's peanut butter Easter bunny...they do have those right? So basically, the regular candy turned into an easter design of sorts.

And I'm married to a man who lives to correct my grammar daily, so how could I not like you...grammar snob or not. :-)

Camille said...

Hooked on Chocolate
Chocolate Malted Crunch
Mint Chip

Chowdery - corn to be exact

Cadbury eggs - the large old school ones, non of this small stuff

Not a snob at all - i actually really appreciate your love for correct grammar.

Valerie said...

I am choosing to only respond to the last section of this quiz. I want the grammar test. I want you to send it to me, and I'll do it, and I'll send it back, and you'll grade it and send me my results. Pleeeeeeeeeease. I'll make it worth your while.

Ms. Liz said...

1) Chocolate Malted Crunch
Cookies and Cream
Rainbow Sherbet

2) Creamy, so I guess of the chowder
persuasion and ESPECIALLY with
some warm gluteny bread close by.
It's possibly the perfect meal.

3) Cadbury eggs. Any cadbury chocolate really. I'm also a huge fan of those Brach's fruit marshmallow Chicks and Bunnies. Those things that are kind of like Easter circus peanuts. Man - I heart those.

4) Yes you are a grammar snob and it's OK. It comes with the territory. I still love you, and probably should go to the same Snob's Anonymous meeting you do...

PS - Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and April 12th is Easter

Maija said...

I wasn't going to comment since I'm a lurker that you really don't know at all, but then I read Valerie's comment. Can you post the grammar test for one and all? Does my asking that show that I'm a complete nerd? Don't bother answering that, I already know. Since I already began I might as well finish answering the questions.

1. I've never even heard of Thrifty Ice Cream. Apparently, I don't even know how to live.

2. Definitely chowdery, or should I say creamy? I loooove clam chowder, but am also a fan of pumpkin curry which is creamy but doesn't fall under the chowder category.

3. Back when I didn't know that gluten was death, I loooooved Robin Eggs. I would quite literally eat 3 bags each Easter (embarrassing? yes) and gain five pound to be worked off in the ensuing weeks. Now it's definitely Cadbury eggs, but I also love the Peeps (which is how you would pronounce my last name in Spanish) especially when you've left the package open for a bit and they're somewhat stale. Delightful!

4. I grew up with the king of grammar snobs (my dad) - compared to him you are tame. For a few unfortunate years, I thought it was socially acceptable to correct other people because of him (just ask Rach - sorry about that). I keep it to myself these days.

Tammy said...

1. chocolate malted crunch, black cherry, cookies n' creme

2. chowder kinds all the way !

3. I got use to saying "ryan and I" because I would always say "Me and ryan" and I would get harassed by one of our professors. Now I need to practice " Ryan and me" . I have horrible grammar so please correct me !

Jeanette said...

Rainbow Sherbet
Chocolate Malted Crunch
Chocolate Brownie Fudge

I heard very very sad news. When my family was at Carpinteria for Thanksgiving, my sister called to tell me that Rite Aid no longer sells Thrifty Ice Cream! We always would walk up there and get a double scoop and then walk back to the beach. Foster Freeze just does not cut it - it was always Thrifty Ice Cream. So sad!

Rach said...

1. I don't live in Thrifty land. Will you please write them a letter?

2. Chowder in a bread bowl. Deeelish.

3. Cadbury mini-eggs. While in college I always kept a bag of them in my backpack for stressful times. Needless to say, I went through about 5 bags a year. I did share with stressed out friends sometimes, of course. Now I keep them in a candy dish in my living room.

4. Like Maija, I too grew up with a super grammar snob dad. Also, Maija and my grandpa was an English professor, and was constantly correcting my grammar. (I'm sure I just butchered that sentence.) Maija did, too, like she said, but now I feel like my grammer is pretty good. (Please don't analyze my grammar in this comment. I live with a 3-year-old.)

Stephanie said...

1. Chocolate malted crunch, Cashew Pistacio (old school, probably don't even make it any more) and Rainbow sherbet.

2. Chowdery - but I'm also a fan of the tomato soup (make it with milk and lots of butter and serve with grilled cheese)

3. I adore jelly beans. All kinds of jelly beans. Big ones, sour ones. When I was in college, the BYU bookstore had these "naked" jelly beans with sour powder on them that I still dream about. Easter is when the jelly beans come out in droves. There are so many to choose from!

4. I love grammar and spelling and all things word related, so I don't think you're a snob. I also think you are terribly smart.

Laura said...

1) Chocolate malted crunch, chocolate malted crunch and Mint chip (I like that they have more of the saved chips in there and not the whole chunks, I don't like the chunks)

2)Thicker soups. I just made some yummy turkey soup from my Thanksgiving carcass (it was in the freezer). I made it super thick with lots of veggies and barley. Brothy soups - what's the point really?

3) This is a tough one. I do enjoy the cadbury eggs, even though the look of them grosses me out a little. I also like robin eggs. And you've got to have some peeps in there. Not to eat, but to put in the microwave. If you've never watched a peep cooking up in the microwave - you HAVE to do it. It's HILARIOUS!

4) Yes, you're a grammar snob, but I like it that you are. You know how many times I've emailed you and Liz to ask a question, and I never doubt that I'm getting the correct answer. I'd love to take that test too! Send it to me if you can! I actually would have answered both of those questions correctly. Yay!

teresa p said...

1. Rainbow sherbet, cookies n cream, and then a toss-up between mint chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie dough.

2. I like both brothy and chowdery soups. It all depends on the actual soup (I'm a little picky).

3. Starburst jelly beans. My second choice is robin eggs. No one in my family likes Peeps, but we always got them in our Easter baskets. We would save them until the Fourth of July and tie them onto bottle rockets.

4. I'm fine with you being a grammar snob if you're fine with my less than stellar grammar.

silvia said...

Now, if you want to talk to a grammer snob, that would be valerie. so can you please send me her results as well. The only flavor i really remember is the malted crunch. you can get thrifty ice cream here in AZ. did you know that? And I love jelly beans. easter is my favorite candy holiday.

Andrea said...

1. Chocolate Malted Crunch, Mint Chip, Brownie Fudge
2. Both types of soup just as long as it is not clam chowder, ugh!
3. It's a toss up between Cadburry Eggs and Jelly Beans, including the black ones, yum!
4. We need more grammar snobs in the world

Patti said...

I normally also just lurk, but this was too good, so I have to comment.
1. Chocolate Chip (absolutely the best), Chocolate, and Strawberry. I know, way too traditional.
2. Brothy chicken soup but with dumplings that get all mushy after a day, so it's actually more chowdery by then.
3. Sees Bordeaux
4. I love it when people talk about grammar and spell it grammer! If only people could learn how to speak and spell!

Anonymous said...

add a question about lay/lie and who/whom and you got yourself a solid grammar test.

oops - "got yourself" - bad grammar, right?