Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I will not be silenced!

It's very slow here today. I've finished all my work and Chiquita took the afternoon off. So what do I do when I'm bored at work? I turn into a Very Concerned Consumer.

The following companies/people received letters from me today.

1.) CVS Pharmacy. I bought their brand of lotion with SPF 15 to give my cancer prone skin a little extra protection during the day and it ended up being sunscreen in a lotion pump bottle. It actually smells, feels, and goes on like sunscreen. Which means I smell like sunscreen and my arms are greasy without the benefit of being at the beach.

2.) Burt's Bees. I tried some of their shampoo and conditioner for a few days and it made my hair feel like I stuck it in Vaseline.

3.) Rachel's Yogurt. I saw this product at Sprouts and had to get it because my name was written all over it. Literally. Can you believe they named a yogurt after me? I'm super flattered. Anyway, it's yummy and I wanted to thank them for not putting my name on something gross.

4.) My state senators. I saw on the news this morning that they were locked in the state capitol until the budget is signed. I suggested that maybe their paychecks should be locked in the vault until the budget is signed also. I may have used the phrase, "Stop being such babies and SIGN IT!"

I will not be silenced!


The Katzbox said...

Heck no you won't be silenced! That's what this blog is sayin' to the world.

I used to feel like that about Little Debbie snack cakes, until I realized they were little conveniently, cellophane-wrapped, heart attacks nicely packaged and placed just about went from, "Oh, I hope my boyfriend thinks of me when I put these in his car *blush*" to "Oh, I hope my ex-husband eats a lot of these before his insurance money runs out *veins throbbing*" kid...sorta....yogurt is a way better food....physically and spiritually....

Anonymous said...

can you please write a letter to obama for me, letting him know that i think the price tag is just a teensy bit high?

Rach said...

I love that you write letters. It came in handy when we were roommates and you found a receipt in the bottom of your cup of soda and you wrote a nasty letter to the pizza place, and they sent you coupons for free pizza. Of course, I think that's when we switched to Papa Johns. Now I want to know if they sell Rachel's yogurt here, because I would love to fill my fridge with something delish with my name on it.

Valerie said...

Yeah, I write letters a work, too. I wrote Rold Gold to tell them how much I like their Honey Wheat Pretzel twists, and they sent me two coupons.
I'm still on a Wendy's boycott because they refuse to respond to my letter about the shoddy treatment I received at the Harold Square location.

Tom said...

I try to write a letter to the good folks at Toblerone once a year where I shamelessly brown nose them in hopes that they will send me free samples. No luck yet.