Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Music on the Brain

It's a little interesting to me that I have music on the brain since I opted out of listening to any this morning at the gym (Pain update: Abs and arms have apologized for their bad attitudes. Hamstrings are still angry*.) I always listen to music when I work out. But for some reason I didn't want any today. Guess what I listened to instead. My incredibly loud breathing. Knights of Columbus, I'm a loud breather when I work out.

But I do have music on the brain. And here's how it came about: I recently read a comment on an old post on my other blog that Courtney left**, which made me remember that once upon a time I asked for music recommendations and Courtney recommended Andrew Bird to me, particularly one song, wherein we learn that there will be snacks at the end of the world, that has since become one of my favorite songs. I seriously love this song. But as much as I love it I often wonder if it would make it to my Top 10.

I wondered it this morning as I was listening to a song that would make it on my Top 10***, if one actually existed, because I don't have a Top 10. I can't pin down songs like that. I guess I have a short list for the Top 10. It has about 50 songs on it. I suppose I could just call it my Top 50 but then how do you even determine what goes in the 20s and what goes in the 40s?

So I don't have a Top 10, or a Top 50. But I know what belongs there when I hear it. It's generally a song that has been with me for a few years. One that doesn't get skipped when it comes up on the shuffle because you can listen to it in any mood.

Because we're friends, and I'm curious like a cat, I think you should tell me one song that would be in your Top 10.

*Does anyone know how to combat this? I always stretch before and after working out but my hamstrings are always sore the next day. No matter what exercises I do.

**Dear Courtney, This is me responding to you. I don't know how to do the clapping on "Underdog" and it kills me every time because I know in my heart that I will instantly be 10% cooler if I could just get it down. I am now dedicating my life to learning it and promise to share it with you as soon as I crack the code. Love, Rachel

PS. I'm sure you've heard this already but I think it needs to be publicly declared that yours was officially the Funnest Reception I Have Ever Been to in My Whole Life, Hands-Down.
***"Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes" by Paul Simon.


Anonymous said...

ileft my heart in san francisco.

Anonymous said...

with a space between the "i" and the "left."


Amanda said...

Okay, I typed a response and it got somehow deleted. Argh!

One of my current favorite songs are This Time by John Legend. He's so dreamy! Anyone agree? He's my current celebrity boyfriend.
The other one on replay lately is Midnight Train to Georgia.

Also, if Courtney is reading this, please post some wedding pictures on your blog. I've had to stalk the blogs of your friends to get a glimpse.

teresa p said...

Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters - Elton John

The Katzbox said...

Any version of Pachelbel's Canon in D


I laughed at ennbee's entry...the second one....

Ms. Liz said...

Don't Stop Believing - Journey. It's impossible to feel sad during that song. AND it will forever remind me of Courtney's epic wedding reception.

Rach said...

Livin' on a Prayer, Bon Jovi (of course), because who doesn't need a little pepping up sometimes. Also, Supermassive Black Hole by Muse. I think I like far too much to even narrow it down to 50, let alone 10.

As for your hamstring problem, oh, how I wish I knew. I limp around after a good hammie workout for days, even after very good stretching. I think it is just a very stubborn and naughty muscle.

Liz the Poet said...

I’ll give you two that would be in my Top 10:

Jimmy Durante “Make Someone Happy”

Abba “Waterloo”

Both songs make me smile, and for completely different reasons…

the freshmaker *ting said...

I love Andrew Bird ! I want to see him in concert so bad; i think i might go in july for the muscle cramps i pasted a link to the mayo clinic which gives an overview for some reasons why this happens. usually low on vitamins,mineral and water.but they give some good insights on other reasons as well.

Karina & John Calderwood said...

I love "Time in a Botttle". It just puts me at ease. On the other hand I love "Dancing in the moonlight" - (switchfoot version???)...I HAVE TO get up and dance anytime it comes on.

And about thost hammies....I have that prob too sometimes. I am either a) overcompensating and not using my other leg muscles correctly or b) my hammies are just SUPER out of shape. I think it is the latter. Something that has always helped in the past is a Body Flow or Yoga class...super stretch. Sometimes I have to bite the side of my mouth not to start laughing at the instructor, but I always feel good. You should take a class and blog about it. One time, I did a class in Santa Monica by the beach...the instructor was wearing like a diaper of some kind and at the end during the relaxation he walked around with incense and then started playing a piccolo (sp?). I couldn't help it and I just went into a fit of giggles. Good luck!

courtney said...

1. so glad you likey a.bird. i'm convinced the referenced snacks are handisnacks (the ones with the soft orangey cheese and the little breadsticks--why do i love them???) and those dehydrated apples they have at the cannery. they make the apocalypse just a bit more palatable. and that reminds me of good omens.

2. in my top 10 (maybe--i have similar difficulties): A Quick One While He's Away/The Who

3. please crack that code! i will rain sugary treats upon you and massage your aching hamstrings!

4. amanda, i didn't take any pictures at my wedding so i have nothing to share until our photographer ponies up. if you want to see pictures you can do what i've been doing--check all the bloglinks listed on my blog and see what you find (scroll down to posts from late march). for me it feels incredibly narcissistic, but for you it should feel fine. oh, and hi!

5. more narcissism here, but i kinda also think my wedding was the funnest ever. i'm convinced the only event that will ever beat it is a "Knecht-McDreamy" wedding at Upland Bowl. i'll be happy to be upstaged as long as you and your pop rock that ddr!

6. only narcissistic people write comments this long. apologies.

Chris said...

"Ants Marching" by Dave Matthews Band. I feel like every mix CD that I make has a D.M.B. song on it.

Fishie said...

Blowin' In the Wind, Bob Dylan