Thursday, April 16, 2009


I haven't had any Peeps this year. And I didn't miss them in my Easter basket. In fact, I didn't even register that there weren't any in there. What with all the chocolate. I tend to not notice things when there's lots of chocolate around. And, truth be told, they're not that high on my list of All-Time Favorite Easter Candies Ever. But now I'm suddenly struck with the fact that Peeps won't be around for whole year and I haven't had even one and I'm kind of regretting not eating one when given the opportunity to at nunchucks class a few weeks ago. We were using them as target practice. Number 1 best thing about nunchucks class: you get to hit things.

Now, I'm sure I could find Peeps. There has to be some left over somewhere. But 1.) I don't really have it in me to search and 2.) I have more sugar in my house than the Wonka Factory and I certainly can't justify bringing any more in when I'm already contemplating throwing what I have out.

So I propose a swap. If you have any Peeps left I will trade you my last remaining Cadbury Creme Egg for it. Or a handful of jellybeans, the Starburst variety. And there are other assorted chocolates for you to choose from if those options don't tickle you. They are yours for the taking.


colleeeen said...

I have a whole unopened package of them. Alas, I am an hour south of you. If you come down and go to the beach with me, I'll let you have them for nothing. mmmmwahahaha!

Nicole said...

I have a couple packages out here in Georgia to be used for roasting over a campfire (the sugar caramelizes and it's oh so good!)

Was it just me, or were Cadbury Creme Eggs really hard to find this year?

Rach said...

I cleaned out my pantry the other day and found some peeps from last year. Still interested? I want the Starburst jelly beans. Oh, wait, I think Tim tossed them. They're still around because Tim doesn't like them and they were in his Easter basket. Well, I'll still take the jelly beans.

Amanda said...

Ok, here's my confession. I ate three pacakages of Peeps this year. I don't mean the single tray pacakages. Nope I bought and scarfed down three whole trays at a time. I'm afraid to admit that even if I found Peeps, I know in my heart of hearts that they wouldn't last the minutes to get to the post office and send them. Sorry.
But good news is that you don't have to wait a whole year because remember that now they make Peeps for all sorts of holidays. I know for sure Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day. I think they should have Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor day Peeps. Maybe you could write a letter.

Taryn said...

I enjoy a good Peep, but I love, love, love Cadbury Creme Eggs. So a trade is definitely in store for us!

rachelsaysso said...


You, me, the chuch parking lot, Sunday.

Dress like a spy.