Tuesday, April 21, 2009


"Hey, what's that over there?"

Oh, that? That's just my nunchuck certificate of promotion.

Take THAT 9th kyu! We took you DOWN TO CHINA TOWN! (Visualize me now doing a fist pump and a high kick.)(Why would you be laughing at that? Is it because my legs are 2 inches tall?)

Liz, Katie, Heather, and I all promoted last night and it was pretty awesome. We got to class and the first thing Sensei said to us was, "You know what's really good for you? Stress. YOU'RE TESTING RIGHT NOW!" Eek! Nerves! And on our first official night with wooden nunchucks even! So Sensei Sam took us aside and made us go through the 9th kyu moves individually. We've been practicing these moves for a month now and when I'm doing them down in the parking lot of Las Brisas I'm a pro nunchucker. But try doing them in front of Sensei Sam when a certificate is at stake. And a belt!

But we were great. At the end of the class we all lined up and Sensei gave us each certificates and we get our first belt next week. We actually can't wear it until we have our gi and we've all agreed to not get a gi until after we get our yellow belt (Which is next. Right now we're white belts with yellow stripes (which is really just yellow electrical tape (fancy))) but you know I will be sporting it around the house. Possibly to church. The good folks at Stater Bros. will definitely be seeing it.

When I started the class I had no idea how fun this would be. I knew that by it's very nature it would be hilarious, but learning all these new skills is really cool. After we tested, the class had a challenge, where two people would get up and perform the same move to see who could do it best. We got to see some of the higher belt moves and they are really impressive. And along with being amazed by them I thought, "I really want to do that!" Because it looks awesome and fun. And would be really impressive at a ward talent show. It's been a dream of mine to have a talent show talent. And now I have one and a certificate to prove it.


Anonymous said...

jackie chan is jealous.


Andrea said...

Me and Andrew were very impressed. Congratulations! And I can't wait to see your performance at the reception.

Valerie said...

I'm legitimately impressed.

It has also always been my dream to have a ward talent show talent (something good like walking on my hands, or really good whistling, or yes, a martial art), so a hearty congratulations to you. You're a credit to us all.

Chris said...

Congrats! I fully expect to see a demonstration when Gina and I come to visit in the Summer.

...and "tap tap" your foam nunchucks when you decide to give them away because you're too good for them and will only use the wood ones.

Mom said...

Who knew that I would be the proud mother of "certified" nunchuckers. Tears are welling up as I type.

Jennette said...

Yay Rachel!
I can't wait to see you show off your mad skills. Do you have a background song in mind yet for your talent show debut?

Rach said...

That is awesome. Super awesome. You have fulfilled a dream I've always had, which is to have an excuse to buy a gi. Every time I watch karate kid I think, those look so comfy! I also demand a demonstration of your wicked skills next time I see you. And the high kick with the fist pump. I've seen you do it before, I'm sure, but a refresher is always in order.

Stephanie said...

Congratulations to you and your lovely certificate. I think we need video proof of this amazingness! Please provide.

Liz W. said...

Yay! for us!!

You know I almost became incontinent when Sensei told us we were testing. Oy, my nerves!

But, we did it!

(And since I've received the wood nunchucks Monday, I've only hit myself in the head 4 times! Not bad...)

The Katzbox said...

The following sentence from your friend, Liz, "...I almost became incontinent when Sensei told us were were testing..." should be memorized and quoted around water coolers everywhere...it's THAT funny!!!

This is a great post and CONGRATULATIONS...did you hear that? I spelled it in all caps so you could see my enthusiasm. This is really quite cool and original. It makes me convetous....now I'll get to think of you when I'm repenting during sacrament. Bravo!

I wish there was something like this in the coachella valley...but then, I would hurt myself terribly and do something horrible like snap a brittle bone...it would be funny in YOUR blog and tragic in mine...

Well done sista/friend...well done!!!

Patti said...

I remember when Samuel was seven and he got his white belt with yellow stripes, but I had to sew them on! Then he got a yellow belt and a purple one too, but I don't remember any more colors, so maybe he quit after purple. I think you should keep going until you get to the black one!