Monday, April 20, 2009

My arms are tingling

I'm feeling weird today. Not sick, just weird. Kind of jittery and sleepy at the same time. And my arms are tingling. Does this mean I'm dying?

Possible reasons for this are:

1.) I donated blood on Saturday and it always takes me a while to get over it.
2.) I had a pretty bad headache all day yesterday that has dulled but is still hanging around like that last person at a party you're throwing who won't leave, even after everyone else has gone home and you're doing the dishes and yawning and mentioning how tired you are and you just can't wait to get into bed. Dear Headache, It is time to go home. Love, Rachel.
3.) I got approximately 2 minutes of sleep last night.
4.) I didn't work out this morning and my body knows that it's suppose to work out on Monday morning and is now all, "I'll make you feel weird until you get up and move." Dear Body, Back off! I got 2 minutes of sleep, alright? Love, Rachel.
5.) I went cold turkey on my Easter candy and now my body is all, "But I need the chocolate. Gimme, gimme!"
6.) It's hot today. And it was hot yesterday. And spring was just so nice and pleasant and now we've entered into 6 months of summer and I'm just not prepared for it.
7.) Zac Efron.

I've put a poll up. Let me know if I'm dying or not.


Valerie said...

I don't see the poll, but my answer would be:

Probably. I mean, I don't know, I'm not there to see if I can see the reaper lurking behind your eyes. But yeah, probably.

Rach said...

I voted for Zac Efron. But maybe you have an exhaust leak in your car. My sister had one of those and got minor carbon monoxide poisoning, which she described as tingly and a little dizzy. Check your exhaust line. We need your brain.

Stephanie said...

Umm, if you didn't get any sleep last night and you also donated blood, I think you need a nap and an aspirin.

Don't blame it all on Zac Efron! For shame.

Wendy said...

I always jump to drastic conclusions at the mention of mysteriously appearing symptoms. I won't bother to give you my list of terminal illnesses that include "tingling sensation" in their onset symptoms. Just know it is a lot.

Emily said...

Nunchuck class didn't even make it on the list? That would have been my first guess.

Anonymous said...

well, look at this way: if you're dying, we'll know soon enough.

The Katzbox said...

My guess is you're better I right? If you had a bad headache...and I'm guessing it was a bin-buster?...then tingling arms are part of a syndrome with that...and maybe you're not a stranger to bin-buster headaches?....stay away from aged cheese, chocolates (a trigger, I might add) and other delicious foods that you probably know about and you'll be again soon and give us an update....stoopid headaches....