Thursday, December 3, 2009

How not to apply for a job and Neil Diamond IN THE SAME POST! I am so thoughtful.

1.) Is it bad to judge job applicants on their email address? Because I do all the time. Not to the point of tossing their resume but it does make me hesitate. Shameful, I know but let me give you an example. I just received a resume from someone at "boops04". This makes me believe that she's a Betty Boop fan which instantly makes me question her judgement. If she likes Betty Boop enough to use it in an email address then how far has she taken it? Does she dress like her? Talk all breathy and squeaky like her? Does she have a tattoo on her of her forearm? Can you imagine what Chiquita would say if I sent a client of ours someone with a Betty Boop tattoo?

2.) Speaking of resumes, a girl just sent one to me this morning that had a picture attached. She took it from her computer in her bedroom while sitting on her unmade bed. She had no experience and I normally don't respond to those (I get HUNDREDS every day) but I felt like she needed some guidance and wrote back in a very nice and professional manner that unless she was applying for a cigarette girl position at the local indian casino, no employer needed to see a picture of her.

3.) In other news: Neil Diamond has a new Christmas CD out and I happened to hear the title track, "Cherry, Cherry Christmas", on my way into work this morning. Here's my favorite line: "Have a very merry, cherry, cherry, holly-holy, rockin'-rolly Christmas this year." Which is exactly how I'm going to start greeting people this holiday season. Can't you just hear him singing (and by singing I mean a cross between talking and warbling) in your head? What? You don't have Neil Diamond's voice etched in your brain? You mean when you're in church and someone says "Brothers and Sisters..." you don't instantly hear in your head Neil sing Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show? You are missing out. I love Neil Diamond the same way I love Wayne Newton. Which means the hokier he gets, the less he is able to sing, the more studded denim he wears and the floppier his hair becomes, the more I pray he will call me up one day to be his back-up singer.


Hannah said...

Thanks again for the email Rachel...but are you sure future employers don't want to see a picture? I did my pouty face and everything.

Laura said...

Shoot, Diamond was just a baby in that video. Check out Cherry Cherry at Madison Square Garden from August. The man looks, moves and sounds (in that unique Neil Diamondy voice) right nice for 68!

(Neil Diamond Cherry Cherry NYC August 2009)

The Katzbox said...

Hasn't everyone worked with the Betty Boop girl? She's the one with all of the cups, posters, bobble-headed items sitting around. Her Boopy-ness is over the top. She typically shows too much cleavage and has relationship issues. She typically smiles a lot and is usually very kind.

True story: Several years ago when I lived in the desert, I was searching for a room to rent. I interviewed with a woman in Rancho Mirage. She had a HUGE old-timey photo of a little girl standing next to a piano and I said, "Wow. That little girl looks amazingly like Betty Boop."

The lady laughed and said that her mother (who's LDS and lived in SLC) was the ORIGINAL Betty Boop. The photo was of her when she was 5 yrs old. Her uncle or dad had written the "famous" Boop song "I want to be loved by you, just you, and nobody else but you" or something like that-for a beauty/talent contest and voila! Betty Boop was born. So...if the story is correct, Betty Boop was a

This is just part of the worthless nonsense that circulates in my head and keeps me from learning the essential nonsense I need to know for my degree program.

It's nice to read your blog again. I've missed it.

Rach said...

Uh oh. So do you think I'm judged a lot by my email? Because it pretty much says my skill set right there in the address. I guess I could change it to rachwhotypesprettyfastcanorganizeamessyofficeandisalsoafluter@gmail, by I think that might be excessive.

And you know I love Neil Diamond. It's one of the reasons we're friends. I could listen to "America" again and again, but I don't really have to because I'm hearing it in my head right now. I'll be buying the Christmas album forthwith.

The Katzbox said...

Confession: Neil Diamond's "America" can make me cry. There. Please don't judge me.

Laura said...

Diamond stole my heart when I saw him on the Johnny Cash show in 1970. I was 13 and he was 29. (There's a great video clip of that performance on YouTube that includes Diamond explaining the story behind Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show. He paused in the middle of the song to tell the story.)

Canta Libre is one of the songs that tends to make me cry. Diamond has a way of touching people's emotional core. I went to dozens of different concerts as a young person because I lived near Atlanta. His was by far the most memorable I ever experienced.

Canta Libre

Canta libre, Canta vida,
De mi madre, y mi padre
Canta mi corazon, para los ninos,
Y sus ninos
Canta libre

Sing freely, Sing to Life
From my mother and from my father
My heart sings, for the children
And their children
Sing Freely

I got music runnin' in my head
Makes me feel like a young bird flyin'
Cross my mind and layin' in my bed
Keeps me away from the thought of dyin'

Canta libre, Canta vida,
de mi madre y mi padre

I got music runnin' in my brain
Ev'ry song with its own kind of meaning
Cleanse the soul and wash away the pain
Baptized by the song that your singing

Canta libre, Canta la vida, siempre conmigo,
Canta libre.
Canta libre, Canta la vida
Canta mi corazon, paralos ninos, y sus ninos,
Canta libre, de mi madre y mi padre
Canta libre, Canta libre

Johnny Cash Clip:

Cante Libre: