Friday, December 18, 2009

To My Sinus Infection

Dear Sinus Infection,

I totally see you sneaking up on me so I'm going to tell you this right now: back it up.

I am Very Busy this weekend. I have back to back to back parties tomorrow that I'm really looking forward to and can't miss because I'm heading up two of them and the third is the Knecht Family Christmas Spectacular, wherein I will be performing a key role in the annual Knecht Girls Musical Number/Dance Party. It has already been choreographed and costumes and props have been selected. There are no understudies.

Additionally, Chiquita has decided that we need to be all moved out of the office by Christmas, even though the lease isn't up until the end of the month. I already hate packing and moving and unpacking enough as it is. I really don't think I can do it if I feel like I have tube socks lodged up my nostrils.

Let's keep this civil.



The Katzbox said...

Dear Rachel's Sinuses,

While we would love the hysterically funny posts that would ensue were you to insinuate yourselves into Rachel's life right now, it would be highly selfish of us to wish that upon our dear friend. As she mentioned, there is an office to pack, music to be sung, partying to be had, and merry to be making. Now would be most inconvenient...not that you've ever listened before to our advice/pleadings/threatenings. However, given that it's the holidays and the spirit of the season is one of charity and good cheer, could you at least go easy on her? As she herself said, "Let's keep this civil". Sneaking is not synonymous (sp?) with the spirit of the season...unless you're Santa...and even then it gets dicey...

Leave the girl alone...please...I don't like to make threats, but you know Rachel...if she can't snuff you out, she'll mock you...MOCK YOU INCESSANTLY UNTIL YOU CAN'T SHOW YOURSELF IN ANY DECENT, CLOGGED SINUS IN TOWN...she'll do it....she will....


Deborah (I'm watching...)

Amanda said...

Good luck on keeping the sinus infection at bay. I'll be saying a little prayer for you. I'm also saying a little prayer that you guys decide to video tape any or all of the Knecht Family Christmas Spectacular performances. I'm most especially waiting to see the girl's number. I feel that it isn't fair that I have never beheld the joy and wonder, myself.

Kelly said...

you should try a salt water nasal rinse. Does wonders but hurts like heck.

Sorry for you!

Bronwyn James said...

Dear Rachel,

I will take your letter into careful consideration. Frankly I'm a little hurt at the tube socks comment. I thought we were friends. When would be a good time for me to visit you if not at Christmas?


Your Sinus Infection

Rach said...

Begone, demon sinus infection! I exorcise you! Now, I second Amanda's request at video footage of the Knecht Dance Number. I've seen your moves and your sisters moves, but never with choreography and costumes. It is a must-record moment to share with the blogging world. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

johann said...

This is awesome, I hope I have read it before I went to surgery. My Sinus surgery is unforgettable. The discomfort is worse than pain. My nose openings are closed, so i have to breathe with my mouth for a week. My mouth is always dry so i have to wet it through drinking even if i am too full of water.

Now, I have to do nasal irrigation all the time which is something I have. two times a day meeting with my dear nasal irrigator is not easy for me.