Monday, May 31, 2010

Flat Rachel Cannot Recite Poetry

1.)  Happy Memorial Day.  Would you like me to recite "In Flanders Fields"?  I just memorized it.  I read it every year on Memorial Day but I'm always envious of people who have poems memorized and at the ready and I thought, I could be that person!  I could be the envy of weirdos like me the world over!  And now I am.  Or will be until the poem decides to flit out of my brain as most things do. 

2.)  Even though Memorial Day is still in the spring I think we can all agree that it kicks off summer.  And so it will also kick off Flat Rachel's Summer 'o Fun '010!  Instead of making up an itinerary for her I have decided to just draw names out of a hat.  Or, in this case, a sombrero:

Here's FR waiting on pins and needles to see who she will go to first:

Who will it be!?!?!

Andrea!  What a relief.  Can you imagine FR braving the Arizona sun in August with her fair skin?  June is much more acceptable. 

I'll be sending her off tomorrow with her sunscreen, a few books and some instructions (namely:  don't keep her for more than a week; you must do one new and/or adventurous activity with her; you must document said activity; she likes a bowl of ice cream before bed.) and we'll hear all about it when she returns.  This is going to be fun.  Thanks for humoring me.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to live vicariously through Flat Rachel on her adventures! And for the beginning of the summer I will be on my own road trip having my own adventures too. Goood times! Can't wait.

Andrea said...

I am so honored to be the first to host flat Rachel! Yes, it is a good thing she is coming now instead of in August but the forecast for this weekend does show our first 110 temp of the year. I'm sure she'll survive. Oh and I like a bowl of ice cream before bed too, so she's in good company.

Mariah said...

Never sent you my address, but I definitely still want a turn to host. Do you still have my address from when you mailed me that lovely card (thanks so much by the way). If not, let me know.

Rach said...

It's probably good she's not coming to my house yet. It's only 55 degrees and rainy today and, being a Southern Californian, she would freeze her flat little buns right off. Things should warm up soon.

The Katzbox said...

Good for FR and Andrea!

If by chance, FR gets sent to hang with me, I am in Ohio most of the summer, so my address will be different. I'll keep checking your blog (like that's any DIFFERENT, yeesh) to keep you updated.

Have fun FR!

Heath said...

I love you. This is a great idea.