Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things that make me look short and consumptive

I've been trying to find an outfit for my brother's wedding and I've come across a wall of Post-in Note yellow.  And sweat pants gray.  And Malibu Barbie pink.  It's the triumvirate of colors that make me look consumptive.

And animal print.  Oh, the animal prints.  I tried on several dresses that had it because I believe in the Stacy and Clinton rule of trying everything on.  And there were several that looked pretty good on me but I just can't be that girl.  The girl who wears a leopard print dress to her brother's wedding.  Although think of the jokes I could make when the inevitable question is asked at the reception, "So, are you married?"  "No, but I'm on the prowl."  Hardy-har-har!

I have also seen a lot of maxi dresses - which would be great considering that we're stopping at a buffet in Vegas on our way out to St. George.  But I'm 5'3" and I'd like to stay away from things that make me look even stumpier than I am.

I did end up finding something that wasn't pink, gray, yellow, maxi, or wildernessy.  It has a shrug that is the exact same shade of green as both a long coat and a short jacket I own.  It looks like green is my new purple. (This is where I would insert a link to the post I wrote about how I had to ban myself from buying purple clothes because I had so many due to my royal inclinations - only, I can't find it.)

Speaking of my brother Casey, did I tell you about the bachelor party my sisters and I threw for him?  No, I don't think I did.  It was wild.  We first stopped off at Grandpa's apartment to deliver some medication, then we went to Honolulu Harry's and ate sweat potato stacks, then we got really crazy and went to Rite-Aid to get Thrify's ice cream cones (Casey got a TRIPLE SCOOP!) then it was back home to hang out with our parents.  They could make a reality show about how nuts we are.


The Katzbox said...

I got the vapors just reading your post. TRIPLE SCOOP??!!??

Buffets in Vegas: where food goes to party.

I would buy the animal print JUST TO DO THE PROWL JOKE. For real. Then I would keep score on who "got it".

Oh! OH! The vapors are back...gotta run, I mean, faint...

Stephanie said...

For the last few weddings I have been to where I know I will have at least a few pictures taken of me, I have worn pink. Baby pink. I now have three dresses that are pink, pink, pink. I gravitate towards that color. I don't even think it's my best color - I just like the pink imagery at a wedding.

You are one wild and crazy family. Have fun with everyone during your celebration!

colleeeen said...

Yeah, my bachelorette party consisted of me and Stephanie eating steaks at Spunky Steer. We were wild in those days. I think Dan's was equally wild, but with a few more people in attendance.

Stephanie said...

Hey Colleen, that was a jammin' bachelorette party!

Valerie said...

I feel like the bachelor party story was a bit far, Rach. This is a family blog, after all. Let's try to keep it clean.

on a side note, I am beside myself that Casey is getting married. how is this allowed; he's just a little kid.

Anonymous said...

Your party sounds like my idea of fun. Seriously. I love it.

We are color twinkies, because I recently am on a kick to have everything in my condo be purple and/or green. (with a little turquoise thrown in.. I know that sounds awful, but I love it!) Anyway, glad you found something. I hate shopping. No fun at all. Most recently I need a swimsuit for a field trip to the YMCA where my first graders had 4 weeks of lessons. I ordered online from Land's End like the old, fat lady I am becoming!

Rach said...

Oh man, you make me laugh. First of all, please go back and get the animal print. Like Katzbox said, you can't pass up the chance to make that joke.

As a Rachel who is also short, I should probably avoid the maxi dress as well, but my desire to hide hairy legs overtook my desire to look taller, and I bought 2 maxi dresses. They really are comfy. It's like wearing a nightgown all day.

Casey is only 12. What is he thinking, getting married already? I love the bachelor party. Good times.

Mom said...

You looked fabulous in your new dress. Good choice.