Saturday, May 29, 2010

Satan's Sweaty Socks

It may surprise you that I had fun last night in spite of:

1.)  Getting the world's largest burn blister.  It popped this morning and it was the Old Faithful of Grossness;
2.)  Not getting home until 1am.  Why, oh why?!  I'm 80!!!!
3.)  Crumbling under peer pressure and eating salted black licorice.  It has left a lingering ghost taste in my mouth that makes my face squirm up in revulsion.  Even those who actually like black licorice agreed that it tasted like Satan's sweaty socks.


The Katzbox said...

"salted black licorice".
See, someone had to INVENT that...that's what weirds me out. Someone had to sit and look at a piece of black licorice and think, "what could I possibly add to this that could make it taste even odder?"

This will linger in my mind for a long time. For some things, there isn't enough brain bleach.

Anonymous said...

If you stayed out until 1am, you are my new hero. 80?? Au contraire, mon frere. You must be 23 if you were out that late and lived to tell about it the very next day!

Amanda said...

So what were you doing until 1 am? I'm assuming that Brett was involved in the activity if there was black licorice present. Glad you had fun!

Stephanie said...

I actually like the salted stuff better than the straight black jelly bean (but I'm weird and like them both). I had it for the first time in college when my Danish suite-mate brought it back from Denmark. The really like that stuff over there. They also like salted fruity gummy candies - also interesting and englightinging.

Rach said...

Yeah, you can blame the Scandanavians for salted black licorice. When I was in Finland, the host families made it their mission to get all of us to try it. Ick. Also, they introduced some unfortunates to blood pancakes.

What were you up to that kept you up so very late? I hope there was chocolate involved, and not just Satan's sweaty socks.