Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flat Rachel's Big Hot Adventure on the Surface of the Sun

Here's Andrea's post about her adventure with Flat Rachel complete with my commentary in purple. 

We had a visitor a few weeks ago. Not just any visitor...Flat Rachel came to stay with us! Flat Rachel belongs to my friend, Rachel. For those of you that do not know Rachel I think you should.  (I've redacted this part.  I paid her to say nice things about me in her blog but it seems a little self serving in my own.)  Well based off of the book Flat Stanley, Rachel decided it would be fun to send her Flat Rachel to friends this summer. She's calling it "Flat Rachel's Summer 'o Fun '010!" Flat Rachel is already lined up to go to such fascinating places as New Zealand, Tunisia, New York, Utah, and Nebraska. But lucky for us we got to be the first ones to host her right here in Chandler, AZ!

When Flat Rachel arrived her instructions told us we only had her for one week, we had to try something new/adventurous, and we were to take lots of pictures. She arrived on a Friday night, Andrew and I just so happened to be babysitting our nieces when she got here. They were quick to show her a good time. They shared their light sticks with her (somehow Andrew always seems to have those things around when the girls are over).  (Don't you love how FR looks like an astronaut with that glow stick around her head?!)

That evening we decided to take Flat Rachel to the park that is located in our neighborhood. It was a new experience for all since none of us had played in it yet. Paige took her down the slide,

Aubrey did flips with her, (It's good that FR didn't do any flips.  She's a barfer.)

she climbed the rock wall with me, (Brave!)

and we all made some funny faces for the camera.  (So because FR's face is the same does this mean she has a naturally funny face?)

It was a good time had by all, although it was hot! Did I mention that the weekend Flat Rachel arrived it was the first time the temperature got up to 110 degrees this year? When we were done at the park we came straight home and each had a bowl of ice cream. Flat Rachel was truly grateful for that. (You know it.)

I feel bad because I had all sorts of activities I wanted to do with Flat Rachel while she was here for a week. And then I got struck with that horrible stomach flu. Flat Rachel stayed as far away from me as she could (and to all those that will be hosting Flat Rachel, don't worry she's germ free, I am the queen of Lysol wipes.) She was very nice not to let her boredom show, and she enjoyed being able to stay indoors away from the heat and helped herself to a few good books and our cozy guest bed.  (Did you really think I would make a flat version of myself that wasn't a Woman of Elegant Leisure?  As if.  Flat Rachel knows how to take a day in bed.)

By the time I was over my bug it was time for me to send Flat Rachel off to her next adventure. I felt so bad I wasn't able to give her a true Arizona experience. So on the last day she stayed with us I took her to work with me to ASU. On my lunch breaks I like to take walks around campus. Each time I pass by the life science building I see a sign that advertises "the only complete collection of Arizona rattlesnakes in the world". So Flat Rachel and I nervously went into the exhibit together. Some exhibit. This was the only snake we could find:

I guess the rattlesnake collection got hit with the recent budget cuts as well. We continued on our walk and Flat Rachel begged me to try out one of these:  (As Real Rachel would too.  The first thing on my shopping list for the Wealthy Benefactor is one of these.)

She loved it. Then she got away from me. After a little bit of searching I found her here:

Do you think she was trying to hint at something to me? Notice she picked the AZ Night Life box. I hope she wasn't too bored during her stay with us!  (It's a shame FR didn't pack her bikini.  She would have fit in with the girls to the left.)

Flat Rachel enjoyed her day on campus and I enjoyed having some company with me at work. After such a long work day we needed an escape to paradise. So Andrew and I took Flat Rachel and met up with my sister's family in Kokomo. No, not that Kokomo (do I have you all singing the Beach Boys right now?) but rather the newest frozen yogurt shop in Chandler. It's a self serve shop which apparently is all the rage these days. (All the rage for nothing.  I'm not a fan of the self-serve.  I especially think it's a bit ridiculous that there is a tip jar at the register of everyone I've been to.  So now you're going to watch me dish up my own yogurt and you want a tip?  Sorry for the rant.  Back to FR.)  It was delicious but expensive. We all decided the next time we'll stick to Golden Spoon and let the workers serve us instead. But we still enjoyed ourselves and the yogurt, and the girls were very excited to see Flat Rachel again. In fact Rachel (the real one) is lucky I was able to pry Flat Rachel out of the girls hands to send her home.

We loved having Flat Rachel stay with us, and would love to host her again. Hopefully we won't be so boring the next time. But really, when it's this hot you kind of don't feel like doing anything. Here's hoping Flat Rachel can cool off and have an amazing time with the rest of her Summer 'o Fun '010!

This was great!  Exactly what I envisioned.  Especially all the ice cream and yogurt.  Can the rest of you picture Andrea in the snake room?  Yeah, me neither.  And yet because of Flat Rachel she did it.  I'm a huge fan of this experiment.  Thanks for playing Andrea!


Rach said...

It looks like I have a lot to live up to. I hope Flat Rachel and I can have as much fun as FR had with Andrea. I'll be waiting by my mailbox.

Andrea said...

I loved your commentary. Oh by the way, I wanted to tell you about our new favorite flavor ice cream (the one pictured above). It's black raspberry chocolate chunk and it is amazing! It tastes like the ice cream version of a See's candy raspberry truffle. It's generic, the "Private Selection" brand and I'm pretty sure you can find it at Ralphs in CA. We get it at Fry's here in AZ, or you can try Smith's in UT and Fred Myer in OR. It's just too good to keep to myself, I had to share.

Heath said...

I'm a huge fan of this experiment, too! I thought the same thing about the glow stick. Good times. :-)

Wendy said...

If you want to extend Flat Rachel's adventures to the fall, send her to Texas for the Texas State Fair with us! It's in October.