Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Leg II of Flat Rachel's Summer 'o Fun '010

Guess who was waiting on my doorstep when I got home from work.

Flat Rachel.

She spent leg 1 of Flat Rachel's Summer 'o Fun '010 visiting Andrea on the surface of the sun.

Or, Arizona. 

She had a grand time.  Andrea wrote all about it on her private blog.  Because she doesn't like you.  But maybe, if we sweet talk her a little, she will let me cut and paste her adorable post for all of you to see the fun things she did with Flat Rachel.  There are snakes involved!  Or, one snake, rather.  And ice cream.

So while we're waiting on that Flat Rachel will hop back into the sombrero

and draw a name out to see where she's heading to next:

My dear friend Short Rachel!!!!!

Rac* and I have this tragic tradition going on where the few times we've been able to see each other in the 10 years since we've been college roommates one or both of us has become violently ill.  And I do mean violently.  I can honestly say that I have never been sicker, nor prayed for death harder, then that night after we got together back in 2008.  And poor Rac was having a hard time of things after she drove all the way down to Provo to visit with me when I was up there in February.  And then I fell to it about a week later.  How about a third incident:  the day after her wedding in 2002.  I drove back from Utah and then went straight to a James Taylor concert at the Hollywood Bowl and then drove home from that in the back of a van in the midnight traffic LA is so famous for and the spent the rest of the night throwing up everything I've ever eaten in my entire life. 

We must break this cycle, Rac!  We lived together for 3 whole years and I don't remember ever up-chucking my spleen.  Surely we can get back to what we once were - that being girls who don't barf every time they see each other.  Maybe Flat Rachel visiting you can ease us back into that.

Although, I should warn you that the whole week she was in Arizona Andrea had the stomach flu.


I'll Lysol her down before I mail her and we'll hope for the best.

*I don't think I've ever explained why I call her Rac.  Here it goes:  We both had funny tales of slaughtered names.  I am regularly called "Rachelle Necht".  And her maiden name is Farnsworth, which was long enough to cause her name to be cut off on roll sheets, like thus, "Farnsworth, Rac".  She said that teachers on the first day of school would always call out for "Rac Franworth". 


Andrea said...

You don't have to sweet talk me, of course you can copy and paste my Flat Rachel post. And I'm pretty sure Rac doesn't have to worry about getting sick from Flat Rachel, I already lysoled her pretty good.

Rach said...

Yippee! We will have so very much fun together! She just may end up in Kansas with us next week if she gets here soon enough. We really do have a bad barfing history, don't we? So bad. I think to break the cycle I need to come to you in California. I don't think either of us got sick when Tim and I came out back in '03. Rac in CA is the key. Please help me convince Tim of that. Thank you.

Rachel said...

You're right! California IS the key. Did either of us get sick when I came up for the Bon Jovi concert? I felt great afterwards. This means that either all of our visits have to be in CA or we go on tour with Bon Jovi as back up singers/dancers

Anonymous said...

Ok. I see the 2 Rachels now and I won't get you mixed up again. I can't wait to see the copied and pasted post.

P.S. My sister Sarah roomed with someone named Sarah with the same last name and same middle initial. They had to have their whole names spelled out to be sure to get the right mail.

Rach said...

You know, Bon Jovi really does make magic (or non-barfing, in our case) happen. I have never gotten stomach flu or even a little sniffle following a Bon Jovi concert, even with our vomit curse, and I've seen him 3 times. By the way, I really enjoyed going to Bon Jovi with you, even the part where we reenacted the Seinfeld where they're stuck in the parking garage. Let's do it again soon.