Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You can call it Starbucks, but I call it a miracle.

Last night I was reading a bit of a thriller and I decided that, even though it was late, I would read one more chapter before going to sleep.  Only to discover who the killer was at the end of it.  With 80 pages to go!  I decided to soldier on and I made it another 5 minutes before I fell asleep on top of the book.

Thus neglecting to turn on my alarm clock.

Which caused me to wake up 15 minutes before I had to leave for work.

And it wasn't such a good morning for me on top of that, what with my allergies laying siege to my head.  They stormed my upper sinuses!  They shoved tube socks in my nostrils!  And bags of chicken feathers were lodged in my ear canals!

So I arrived at the Pod late, stuffy, pony-tailed, bleary-eyed, and slightly grumpy.

And there, sitting on my desk was a hot chocolate.  Like manna from heaven.  Or, like Dr. J doing a Starbucks run.  But a miracle all the same.

I lament sometimes that the Pod doesn't have any real characters.  There's no Chiquita.  There's no Doc (will there ever be another Doc?)  In my opinion all the best work environments have crazy people.  (I regret that this blog started at the end of my run at the school district.  That place was LITTERED with crazy people.  You would not believe half the stories.  It's a good thing I've written most of them down and will eventually publish them in my memoirs under the chapter heading of "PRAISE!!"  And Other Things I Heard Yelled at a Computer Screen.)  So there's no one there who will tell me to put raw bacon on my chest for a cough and none of them seem particularly interested in my plans for the Fortress of Solitude.  But it can't be all bad if occasionally there's hot chocolate on my desk.


Andrea said...

Oh wow, judging by those comments above looks like you've gone global. Anyway, I thought of you yesterday at work. Well maybe I thought more of Cat Woman who goes to your gym. I helped a parent yesterday who looked like her. Her lips had been done so much she could barely talk. I wanted to offer her a drink of water just to see if it would dribble down her chin.

The Katzbox said...

oh PRAISE!!!

Interesting people are so...interesting. Definitely blog material. This is what the wilderness is lacking-interesting people. Unless one can perch oneself at a busy stop along the Appalachian Trail...that may prove to be somewhat interesting...there are some interesting types there, from what I've heard...

We've had so much rain here of late that the pollen count is way low. And I thought of you when the weatherperson gave the counts. Yes...they have daily pollen counts/allergen alerts here. It's like a breaking news kind of thing, almost.

Hope you feel better and stumble over some more interesting people...


word of the day? lorbanst

Rach said...

I still have all the emails you sent me while you were working at the school district. If you need any passages for your memoirs, let me know and I'll email them to you. Oh, how I miss those Sheila and Sherri stories.

If someone had left hot chocolate on my desk even once at Germane, I think I would have burst into tears and given the entire office a big hug. I'm glad someone was so kind after a crapola morning.

Tammy said...

if i found a hot chocolate sitting at my desk i would be highly suspicious and then have a heart attack if it was truly a thoughtful gesture from one of my co-workers

FabuLeslie said...

There's a book called You Look Nice Today that I think you should check out. It's about a crazy person at work and it's hilarious!

Also, mmmm. Hot chocolate.