Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm Starting with the Man in the Mirror

Oh, it was a big weekend.

1.) There was my Dad's 60th Birthday Spectacular. It was so big that the 15 freeway was closed down, causing Casey and Kylea to give up their plan to drive to Utah and instead return to the house to celebrate some more with us. I have spent my whole life hearing how great my dad is - as recently as yesterday at church from a man who, I'm not even kidding, has never met him. And I'm here to tell you, you're preachin' to the choir, brother. I know.

2.) There was an epic Bocci Ball War in the park. Oh, it was a battle. We cheered and strategized and did hands-in and slapped each other on the butt. And it was loud and people stopped and stared and smiled. I have realized that this happens all the time. Whenever a bunch of us are out in public - either friends or family or a combo of both - people generally stop and laugh along with us. They come up to us in restaurants and comment on how happy we seem. They listen in on our conversations and laugh at the jokes. It is bizarre how often this happens. I have two theories on it: 1.) It's so rare that you see a group of genuinely happy people who aren't drunk that it's a bit of a phenomenon, 2.) The people I spend the most time with are really loud and cannot be ignored.

3.) There were nephews. Blessed Nephews! Here's Ben making soup in the watering can for Lindsay's dog Bo.

4. There were Wimbledon matches and World Cup matches (I'll write a post one day on my feelings about soccer. It will no doubt fascinate you.) The England loss put a kink in my bracket.

5. There was a little something called the Michael Jackson Sing Along. You already know how much I love a good sing along. Well, the Music Center has free ones every few months and they had one on Friday. We had been planning on attending for months, not realizing that it was on the anniversary of his death. Being there made us look a bit like super fans, but really we just like to sing and dance.

Here's what it looked like:

Yeah, Camille totally pulled out the thumb mic.

About 15 minutes into the program a group of elderly patrons walked into the amphitheater. They must have been on the board or something because they were all dressed like they were going out for tea.

Even though there all had lyric sheets none of them were singing. They tapped their toes but for the most part looked as if they would rather be talking about their stock options. It would have been a highlight of my life if one of them had gotten up to shimmy but I imagine none of the ladies would want to ruffle their well-coiffed hair.

The show went long and we weren't able to sing all the songs, including Man in the Mirror, which is Camille's fave. So on the way home Katie called into Love Songs on the Kost and requested it for her. She got on the radio and made up a story about how Camille had been on the wrong path for a while but was finally making some better choices in her life. She was so poised and sincere. It was very impressive. What was also impressive was how Kylea, Camille and I were in such hysterics over it that we all reverted to the grandpa laugh but you couldn't hear a peep from us on the radio.


Laura said...

The more people I tell about the MJ Sing-A-Long, the more people think I'm crazy! I think it goes along with what you mentioned - the crazy fun we have while being completely sober! People just don't understand. To those people I simply say..."Have you MET the Knechts"?

It was such a good time...wonderful friends, yummy snacks, watching crazy people...all make for good times in my book! And, in the words of MJ, don't're a're a buffet!

Andrea said...

Have I ever told you how awesome I think you and your family are? Because you are. I can only imagine what the MJ sing along was like. The real question is did you guys all have matching white gloves on?

The Katzbox said...

I adore the idea of the radio thing. I mean, REALLY! I totally doing it.

Chris and Gina said...

Dang, dang, dang...why can't I live closer to you guys? I'm so jealous. Remember...I was the mega fan back in the 80's. I didn't realize the space was so intimate. I imagined all of you in the Disney concert hall, or at the Hollywood Bowl singing your hearts out. And...I love the radio story. Hilarious. Katie, please keep it on your phone so that we can hear it in a few weeks!

camille said...

Best post ever! because it was the best weekend. Sing-a-longs, Karen Sharp, me turning my life around, nephews. Good fun. And I dare anyone to sing that song without a thumb mic. If you think you can, you aren't really feeling it.

Rach said...

You know I support all sing-alongs. I am green with envy that you got to go to an MJ one. If they have a Bon Jovi one, I'm hopping in my car and driving straight there. Also, it's always been a dream of mine to make it onto the radio. I'm glad Katie made it, because of the heart-warming story of Camille turning things around. Your family is the best.

Katie said...

We're all so glad Camille has cleaned up her act. Mama Say Mama Saw Ma-Ma Cu Saw!

Stephanie said...

I love hearing about your adventures. It makes me feel very "plain jane" but it also makes me want to find a MJ sing-a-long in my area. What fun!