Sunday, October 30, 2011

Candy Corn Cuteness

Happy Halloween (tomorrow)!  My ward has already had their party.  I went as a candy corn

My cuteness knows no bounds.

It's felt, natch.  But the flash gave it a sheen, thus making me look like Judy Jetson in her space age ice cream parlor uniform.  I added that orange band around the hat because without it looked like the Pope's.

In other news:  We had our Primary sacrament meeting presentation* today and the kids KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK.  They were so calm and poised and not a single one of them showed any sign of nerves.  Even my little four year old who refused to say his part in any of the practices we had finally lifted his head and spoke into the mic.  They all sang loud and clear and were so sweet and funny and cute.  Ugh, those kids.  They're the best.

*Mormon Glossary:  The 3-11 year old set gets to take over the main portion of church and share what they have been learning.  It is, by far, the best Sunday of the year.  Aside from them being so sweet and adorable you know that at any moment one of them could absolutely lose it.  It's kind of thrilling.


Mariah said...

LOVE everything in here. Wish I had such an awesome costume.

Stephanie said...

Love the costume! Annie was a candy corn for her second halloween and the hat was the hardest part to figure out. She had cute pigtails then, so I was able to figure out a way to incorporate ribbon. Never underestimate the power of pigtails.

It IS the best Sunday of the year. Anyone who doesn't feel the spirit when those children sing and talk must be made of mud.

Chris and Gina said...

Don't put too much mustard on your hot dog, Pork Bun. Ha, ha. The costume looks great!

Chris said...

Love the costume! The hat is my favorite part! I'm impressed that the skirt is a modest knee-length. Modest is hottest! I'm so lucky to have such creative sisters-in-law. Can we still be friends if I give you some constructive criticism... If you decide to keep the costume for another year, I would trim the arm holes so that it angles into more of a point at the top.

You're amazing, Rachel.

Andrea said...

Two thumbs way up for the candy corn costume, really, it's awesome!
Congratulations on putting on a successful primary program. Now you can sit back and relax. Wait a second, do primary presidents ever get to relax? Yeah, I didn't think so. Have you looked at the program outline for next year? One of the songs is 'Wise Man, Foolish Man'. I'm excited to see that one performed in Sacrament meeting!

Tammy said...

Our ward also did an amazing job, so impressed, the spririt is always so strong during the primary program.

samandholly said...

My problem with the Primary Program is purely professional. (Utterly unintended alliteration there.) As a Speech Pathologist, who works with children on producing sounds correctly, the Primary Program is painful. I could make a fortune doing therapy on the kids in our ward. MILLIONS!!!

Anonymous said...

Lewis Black talking about candy corn. I'll find it for you if you don't already have it in your hands.