Friday, October 7, 2011

A short list of good things

1.)  Watching Casablanca outside on a big screen and remembering that it's an awesome movie.
2.)  Warming my hands on a cup of hot chocolate after watching Casablanca outside and fah-REEZING.
3.)  Finding out the Tigers beat the Yankees while warming my hands on hot chocolate.  WOOT!
4.)  Coming home and Katie remembering that she brought me a left over Lil' Debbie brownie.  Ah, childhood.
5.)  Watching Parks and Recreation while bundled up in my Dodger snuggie.
6.)  Finally getting around to switching to October on my Abba wall calendar and finding this picture:

Nice overalls, Bjorn.


Anonymous said...

I have deeply stirring feelings about their teeshirt not-dresses.

Rach said...

I love all of those things, even the one about baseball, because I know how much you care. After seeing that Abba picture I realize how much I need to get some sort of a theme calendar instead of the one my realtor sent me. Every month is a new and fun surprise! And now I need some hot chocolate.