Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pajama Day

It was a pajama day.

For the record, I did change out of my jim-jams today.  I changed from a shorter pair of jammy pants to a longer, warmer pair of jammy pants and put on a different t-shirt, which I then covered with a sweatshirt, because suddenly it's all cold and fall like around here.  And also, for the record, I showered and washed my hair and shaved my legs.  And I put on a bra, which connotes some level of responsibility, right?  But I wore pj's all day long.

Even though I spend the majority of my time at home these days I still make it a point to get dressed and do my hair and put on mascara because it makes me feel more like a human being who is an active part of society.  I find that I am way more productive when I get myself ready for the day, even if it is just to fill out online job applications.  But the odds were stacked against me today. 

1.)  It rained all day.  I have mentioned here before that I have a made-up condition called weather paralysis which means that I feel like I am not capable of doing anything but eat cheese and watch Pride & Prejudice when it's cold and rainy. 

2.)  I have two of the largest zits that have ever sprouted on any face in the history of all zits.  And faces.  Which is a really long time.  What I am saying is that they are enormous and if mascara and non-stretchy pants makes me feel human, these zits make me feel like an alien from the planet Sad And Tragic.

3.)  Also from the planet Sad And Tragic, I woke up with a sty.  Gah.

4.)  Did I mention is was cold and rainy?

So, you see, it HAD to be a pajama day.  And I did, in fact, eat cheese and watch Pride and Prejudice, all 5 hours, while hunched over my crafting desk, submerged in felt.  Apparently I can be productive without mascara.


Rach said...

I love PJ days. When I know I don't have to go anywhere, and it's nasty outside, I stay in and keep the PJs on. I let the kids watch whatever they want until quiet time, and then I catch up on my DVR, which is usually filled with ANTM and Food Network shows. Sometimes I do some sort of craft, but mostly I lie around. So good job doing felt projects.

Bronwyn James said...

Do you know how much I love you? Sad and Tragic, zits and braless, you are an amazing and talented woman, and one of my dearest friends. May your rainy pj day be all such days were meant to be (especially when graced by Mr. Darcy).

Angela Noelle of SK said...

I've taken many a pyjama day with less cause. *hugs* Extra-bad zits always make me feel horrible...and I've had a LOT in my time.

Andrea said...

Yay for PJ day! You'd think it was cold here too with all the sweatshirts and uggs I've seen being worn today, but it is a nice 77 degrees outside. These Arizonans don't know how to live when it dips below 80.

Here's hoping you wake up blemish free tomorrow and that your stye goes away quickly. Those things hurt!