Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pork Bun, Revisited

Remember this?  Of course you do, it was last week.  You're no dummy.

Well, Gina and Camille have started to lovingly refer to each other as Pork Bun.  The other morning Camille got a text from Gina saying, "Call me when you wake up," so she did and they chatted and at the end Gina said, "You know what my original text to you was?  'Hey Pork Bun, call me when you wake up.'" Camille asked why she didn't send it and Gina responded, "I did, except that I sent it to my friend by accident."  Her friend called her and asked, "Was this meant for me?" and Gina explained.  And then her friend said, "Do you really call your sister Pork Bun?" 

Doesn't everyone?


Gina said...

Thanks for making yet another embarrassing moment public! Thanks, Pork Bun, You're the best! :)

See you in just few wee hours. :)

Chris said...

She's even called me "Pork Bun" on occasion.

Rach said...

That's an awesome nickname. It's much better than sweetie or honey. You Knecht gals are all super creative. My sisters and I don't even have nicknames for each other. If we did, I'm sure mine would be about my nose.

Valerie said...

I was laying in bed the other day, awake but not willing to get up, and I started thinking about that photo, and its caption, and started laughing.

Also, I call Edie pork bun on occasion. It stemmed from calling her pork chop, which I think she sort of smells like. Pleasantly. Pork bun was a natural derivative.