Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A stroke is no excuse.

Hey, head on over to my family's blog for a Mom-fest.  It's her birthday.  There are cute pictures and a mention of her legendary chocolate chip cookies. 

In other news, I am continuing my campaign to teach people the proper way to drive through a four-way stop.  There's one near Katie's school that she has regularly written off to the devil.  In the last week I have had to drive through it a number of times and she's right - it is Satan's handiwork.  People seem to just go whenever they feel like it.  Today, for example, I came to a stop about a second after the person to my right, which gave her the right of way.  Even if we got there at the same time, she still had the right of way.  But she didn't go.  I gave her a very generous 5 seconds and a wave and she still didn't go.  So I decided that she was having a stroke and headed into the intersection.  It wasn't until I was directly in front of her car that she decided that it was, in fact, her turn to go and proceeded forward, nearly slamming into my car in the process and angrily honking at me as I drove off.  Last week I went through when there was a line of cars on all four sides.  Bedlam.

Maybe I'll use my current status as a Woman of Elegant Leisure and Ample Free Time to stand out there and direct traffic.  I've always wanted to do that.


Rach said...

I detest all 4-way stops. They depend on people using common sense, manners, and the ability to follow rules, and it's amazing how few people possess those qualities, especially when behind the wheel. As much as I hate waiting through red lights, at least people know how to respond to colors. Of course, many four-way stops are being replaced by round-abouts, because there's only one choice at that type of intersection: turn right without hitting someone. Even then, though, people are morons. It's really quite amazing that anyone lives to old age with the driving that goes on.

Bronwyn James said...

We just read your mom's bday post (both the boys are sitting in my lap) and as we scrolled through the pictures Sammy kept saying, "Cute. Cute. Cute." Give her our biggest and best birthday wishes! And send some chocolate chip cookies this way.

Stephanie said...

Growing up in Chino meant that we have as much better understanding of four-way stops than most people. What irks me the most is when people think they are being "nice" by letting you go first. It's not nice if you're holding up the line!! Just take your turn and I'll take mine. It's not that hard, people.

Anonymous said...

My Spider-sense whispers to me that you must have been driving somewhere in the state of California... I'm close?