Sunday, March 18, 2012

Do you have any calves you need rustling?

I picked three things off of my Life To-Do List to accomplish this year.  The first one was to memorize the world capitals.  Check.

The second was to learn how to lasso.  And guess what - Check!  I went to a hoe-down themed church activity last night (which goes to show how easy it is to forget St. Patrick's Day when it's non-drinkers planning a party) and there was a place where you could practice lassoing things.  I am happy to report that I am a natural at it.  I got the horns on my first try and every single time after that.  I also learned the proper way to hold the rope and also the terms for each part of the rope, which I immediately forgot but feel that that information would be irrelevant when you have a rogue calf that needs rustling.  Now I need to move on to trick lassoing.  I want to be able to spin one around and jump through it.  Like Steve Martin in Three Amigos.

The last on my list:  Fly in a bi-plane.  I'm thinking August.

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Rach said...

Next time you're here I hope it's during a rodeo. Have you been to a rodeo? Because they are fantastic, and we could go together and wear big sparkly belts (it's rodeo fashion) and you could enter the calf roping contest. I would cheer extra loud.