Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Winged Crawly Things Revisited

I know you're looking at those cellophane bags peaking over the chair tops and thinking, "Ooh!  Gift baskets!  I hope they're filled with Toblerone."

But what you should really be thinking is, "Ooh, termites!"  Because those bags hold all of our consumable products. Sadly, no Toblerone. 

Remember that incident last summer where winged creatures invaded my bedroom?  You were all right.  They were, in fact, termites and it seems as if the entire complex is under attack.  The whole building is being tented tomorrow and Katie and I are decamping to Chino to stay at the old homestead for two days. 

In other news, doesn't my overnight bag look like an angry monster plotting to eat my face in the middle of the night?

Or maybe does he resemble 70s rocker Meatloaf?  I don't actually know which would be worse, having my face eaten off or waking up to "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That.)"


Rach said...

Eek! Termites! I'm glad you have somewhere to go while being tented, but if you didn't maybe it would force you to hop in your car and drive to my house to visit. Which is always welcome. I'm glad your building is getting fixed. I just hope it doesn't all crumble around you. Those termites are nasty business. And I think I'd rather wake up to a monster than Meatloaf.

Andrea said...

Oh man, that is a bummer. I remember when my parents home had to get tented, the worst part about it was having to pack up all the food! But when it was all over it was wonderful...no more creepy, flying things!

Stephanie said...

I love your luggage. I think he needs eyebrows.

I'm glad you won't have your face eaten off. That would be sad.

Tessy said...

Meatloaf would be worse...