Monday, March 5, 2012

If that doesn't impress them I can always tell my Wayne Newton anecdote

The secretary that I am replacing has been there for ages.  In fact, she came when I was a student there, lo these many years ago.  And she is beloved.  We're all sad to see her go.  Which makes me very grateful that if I can't win these kids over with my humor and charm I always have my nun chuck skills to fall back on.


Unknown said...

I bet you were fantastic! when Gina and I were going to Chaffey we loved our secretary (who i'm ashamed I can't remember her name) but she made very cutsie loopty loops on reimbursement checks she wrote out for us starving students that purchased the pasta for friday forum's... just thought i'd give you a tip or Two (although I can't think of a 2nd! ha!) you got this! sounds like a blast and a way to get TONS of material for the blog! congrads!

Rach said...

If you haven't charmed the socks off of every one of those institute kids by the end of the week I'll eat my own bonnet.

Mariah said...

I would hang out with you. And that's pretty much your job right? I'd ask you to look after my kids too, but I can't fly you here or pay you or anything. And it's not like I'm doing anything besides staying home to look after them myself. Anyway. We've never even met and I think you're pretty great. Those institute students will be coming back for more Rachel I'm sure of it.