Sunday, October 21, 2012

Foul Play and Nature and Speech Impediments

1.)  The Saga of the Neighbor's Parked Car continues.  We're going on two weeks now.  What would you do in this situation?  I'm for restraint because in the long run, who cares.  Except that I totally care!!! Katie suggested that maybe there's foul play involved.  Some sort of scandal that made them flee in the middle of the night.  Maybe it's time to get Flo involved.

2.)  We had our ward Primary Program today.  Every Mormon knows that this is the best Sunday of the year.  It is always full of laughter and tears and kids with adorable speech impediments. I wish that every kid had a speech impediment up until the age of 6 and then it magically goes away.

3.)  We had a Knecht family party last night.  We took a hayride to say hi to the cows and pigs and to smell just how authentic nature is.  So we're laughing and waving and putting straw between our teeth, just like real country folk.  And then my uncle said, "And on your right are the cows who have a date with the butcher."  Wah, wah.

4.)  Is it some sort of Indian festival tonight?  Because I've been hearing fire crackers go of periodically and just now there was a good 2 minutes of really loud Indian music playing somewhere in the neighborhood.  Oh, and it's 11:00 o'clock at night!  Turn it down, ya hoodlums! Or at the very least invite me over for samosas.

5.)  Did you happen to see this picture posted on my family's blog?  I will never get over my envy of Gina's luxurious hair.  You will note that even at the tender age of 2 my bangs were giving me grief.


Unknown said...

No freakin' way. You are related to Gina Witt! Holy cow. More small world songs going on. My kids go/went to Cherry Hill Elem. My daughter Emma got to be on the last student council Gina did. That is a-mazing.

Rach said...

1. I've been watching Alias. I'm sure your neighbors were actually Russian spies posing as normal Americans, their cover got blown, and a super spy from a black ops division from the CIA hauled them into a maximum security prison hidden deep underneath a nightclub in the seedy part of L.A.

2. Our Primary Program is next Sunday. It's Tyler's first one. He can't say his R's. I love every second of being involved in it.

3. LOL. That's all.

4. I've always wanted to get invited to an Indian party. I just want an excuse to buy a sari. I'd love to go to that one where you throw colored powder at each other. As long as it doesn't stain my sari. And as long as there's food, because Indian food is the best.

5. I love that picture. The 70's were a great time for family photos.