Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Inclement Weather Paralysis - Summer Edition

1.  Inclement Weather Paralysis does not just strike in the cold and the rain.  It strikes in extreme heat as well.  We have been sizzling like bacon strips around here and I find myself lying in a stupor on my bed, trying to muster the will to live, or at the very least, the will to fix myself a bowl of cereal for dinner.

2.  I have become the English Tutor in Residence at the Institute.  Every day I have at least one kid come in and ask if I can look over a paper.  It's so much fun!  You know how much I love to edit.  Today was especially fun because one of my students had to write a paper on Fahrenheit 451, which I just so happened to read last week.  Providence!  And also, poor kid. Because I really liked that book a lot and had a ton of things to say about it, which would have been super helpful if he were looking for more than just help in forming an opening paragraph.

3.  Speaking of books, I've had enough people recommend Gone With the Wind to me lately that I went and picked it up.  Have you seen how fat it is?  I had to splurge and get the nicer, taller paperback version because the cheap copy was about 5 inches wide at the spine.  How can you even open a thing like that?  This could take awhile, considering my leisure reading time has been greatly diminished as of late. Have you read it?  What did you think?


aprilaleman said...

Love Gone With the Wind. But, you think you hate Scarlet in the movie?! Holy moly she is absolutely despicable in the book. You will have a hard time rooting for her. And, Rhett is better in the book.

Valerie said...

Er, well, I started Gone With the Wind, but abandoned it about 40 pages in. It's an uncharacteristic move, but it was a cost/benefit analysis move. I just had a feeling I'd regret the cost once the "benefit" had been made clear.

Let me know if I made a huge mistake.

Rach said...

1. I did the same thing all summer, Rachel. It was me, the couch, and kids' TV streaming while I waited for it to dip below 100.

2. Those Institute kids better know what a gem they have in you. Seriously, they are the luckiest people ever.

3. I read Gone With the Wind last year. I bought a copy from DI, and by the time I finished, the book was in three pieces (that's what duct tape's for, right?). It was super duper long. But I like it a lot. But the whole time I was yelling at Scarlett. (When we were driving somewhere, it kind of alarmed Tim.)

Anonymous said...

Loved the book of Gone with the Wind, LOVED it. She was able to put into words a character who is constantly thinking yet doesn't really even know her own mind. I think the biggest crime in the movie was the character of Ashley, who they made weak and foolish. Ashley in the book is wonderful. It took me ages to read it, a flight home from Heathrow helped, but I recommend it. If I know you, you'll hate the movie for a while.