Monday, October 1, 2012

There be leprechauns at the fair

We made it to the Fair!  It only took us the entire month to get there but we still managed to have a day full of adventure and insane food.
1.)  Who said sheep are dumb?  This wee lamb had the right idea.  It was nigh unto the surface of the sun on Saturday (and even hotter today.  Oh, for crying out loud, October!  Give me a break!)
2.) We came across some kind of fancy carriage driving contest.  These ladies had to drive out to the ring, do a figure 8, stop and back up, then do a couple of intricate turns. 
This lady won the whole thing.  Notice how her horse isn't nearly as decked out as the other ones above, but she was by far the fanciest dressed driver.  Although from our seats we could not tell if it was a man or a woman.  But we knew for sure she was a leprechaun.  When she won the announcer called her a legend.  How does one become a legend in the Fancy Carriage Driving Circuit?
3.  Yes, that is a giant slice of bread covered in Nutella and bacon.
4.  It's a little hard to tell but that's Elvis walking by the red stand.  He had on the most glorious white jumpsuit.
5.  Katie found a hat that fit her head.  Thus proving that miracles do happen at the fair.
6.  This was the creepiest thing I saw there:  you can have your face put on a stuffed animal.  Friends, I promise you that if you ever give me something like this I will have nightmares about you and will have to unfriend you on Facebook.
7.  What's that?  Oh, it's my doily and blue ribbon.  I was tempted to stand next to it all afternoon posed just like this.
2012 LA County Fair:  Success!


Heidi said...

Great job blue ribbon...

and holy nutella and bacon!

Tammy said...

Ryan and I saw your beautiful doily and blue ribbon! Congrats!
You have inspired me to enter something next year...

Rach said...

Nutella and bacon, Elvis (!!!!!), Leprechauns, a magical hat--how have I not gone to the fair with you yet. Seriously, the fair is magic when you go. Plus, you are now a blue ribbon winner, so I'm guessing next year they'll roll out the red carpet for you.