Thursday, October 4, 2012

Great surprises of the week

1.  Some of my seminary kids covered my car in pink hearts with little messages on them.  They may be squirrely, but I'd match them against any group of kids for cuteness and awesomeness.

2.  My friend Andrea, with her husband and mom in tow, surprised me at the institute.  She lives in Arizona and I didn't even know she was in town and suddenly there she was asking if I'd seen any Knights of Columbus recently.

3.  Katie made a mixed CD for our fair trip (it's tradition) and she put on "Freedom" by Wham! A song I completely forgot existed but still managed to know all the lyrics to once I heard it again.  Please enjoy the video, particularly the part where George Michael and the Other Guy in Wham! do the back to back thing that is so essential in 80s rock.

A million points to whoever comes up with the best name for that dance move George keeps doing.


Erin said...

I have no name for the dance move as yet, but I was watching this video with my 2-year-old and she said, "Wowee, he's a goooood dancer." At least we know his moves are appreciated by all age levels.

In other news, every time I pull up your blog, my 2-year-old yells, "It's Rachel! YAY!"

Rach said...

I love Wham. I love that song. Thanks for a nice pick-me-up on a Friday morning. I'm calling the move the Baby Seal. Both my older boys are enthralled by the music video.

I love your institute kids for giving your car a heart attack. They should appreciate you.

I'm glad you got a surprise visit. Everyone should have those from time to time.

Laura said...

So, did I ever tell you that I got to see Wham in concert once? Back in the was awesome. I was SO convinced that I would get to marry George Michael. I guess not (for lots of reasons). And the other awesome thing about that concert...Katrina and the Waves was the opening act!!