Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"I only have one photo in my hands..."

Tonight at our Relief Society meeting several friends and I were discussing the classiness of the current cycle of America's Next Top Model in comparison to previous cycles.  Which is like comparing the stinkiness of large piles of rotting garbage.  I know.  But we all have our weaknesses, alright?  Stop judging.

We all were in agreement that the show is nothing without The Jays, and Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker.  Also, who thought it was a good idea to have the public vote for the girls?  What does the public know?!  The people who watch ANTM (including myself) are complete morons who know nothing about the fashion industry.  We just think that Tyra is crazy and can't turn away.  This decision should not be in our hands.


Rach said...

My Wednesdays got crowded, so I opted out of ANTM this season. Much of my decision was based on the ousting of the Jays. I didn't know Noted Fashion Photographer (and good-looking man with an accent) Nigel Barker had also been removed from the show. I'm feeling pretty good about my decision. And seriously, public vote? Maybe they've reached their expiration date. You know Tyra's got lots more projects up her sleeves.

yellowfish said...

Yes!!!!! I am the last person I know still watching ANTM so have had no one to complain to about this... what was Tyra thinking?? no one can replace Miss Jay, Mr. Jay, and Nigel.... it's just not the same. Plus all the themes (Britts vs USA, College) are just lame. LAME! I'm *almost* not watching but I can't bring myself to stop.

yellowfish said...

(Also, I would like to take this ANTM-friendly moment to report that once for work I had to have my picture taken, and it was very awkward and included instructions like "smile! well, I mean, don't look CRAZY!". So, it was harder than I thought, and I made an America's Next Top Model joke, kind of to myself, and the photographer immediately stood straight up and goes "I have one photo in my hand...". And really, it turned the whole thing around. See, this is why I can't stop watching).

Valerie said...

I was JUST thinking this. I was walking along, thinking along these very same lines. And then, as I was thinking these thoughts, I thought, I don't have anyone with whom I can discuss this.

Thank you, Rachel. Thank you.

Also, that show is NOTHING without Mr. Jay. He kept that thing on the rails. Though, I do like Kelly Catrone.