Tuesday, April 30, 2013


1.  Remember how the tellers at my bank are dumb?  They're also kind of bad at customer service.  When I got up to the window yesterday the guy said, "Hey, how's it going? I'll be right back." And then he walked over to a filing cabinet where there was a lotion bottle on top, squirted some into his hands and chatted with another teller who was working lotion into her elbows.  He then came back after about a minute and proceeded to take 5 minutes to count and recount the money, none of which was loose change, just clearly marked rolls and a few bills.  When he finally verified that they matched the deposit slip he said, "Hey! You got it right!"  Yeah, I'm pretty good at adding small numbers.

2.  The Magic Nerds were in my office and I showed them the blog post about their conversation and then they tried to explain what that conversation was about and all I heard was, "Blah, blah, blabbity blah.  Cast the blah blah and then blah."  I did make them clarify the basic premise of the game and discovered that I was right - it sounds dreadful and complicated and like a nightmare to play.  They told me that I should check out the Magic tournaments for a real taste of how extreme it can get.  I'm picturing a Chinese opium den but with a bunch of kids with bad skin.  They confirmed this is the case. 


Bob said...

They give bank tellers everywhere a bad name- my oh my oh my.

Rach said...

It sounds like you get the same customer service there that we got everywhere in Vicksburg. One time we went to buy a Christmas tree at Home Depot, and the lady saw us coming and ran away. Not walked. RAN. And when they paged her she came back a half an hour later. After the manager hunted her down. And then she was mean the whole time.

Also, Tim has heard of Magic, and so has one of my friends that plays games with us. And when I found that out I was struck with fear that they'd try to make me play it. (They didn't.)

Anonymous said...

Magic Tournaments - Comic Con meets Karate Kid part I, but without the classiness.