Monday, April 1, 2013

It's Time for Dodger Baseball!

Happy Opening Day!!!  And what a glorious one it was.  (We beat the Giants.  It was a shut out. Our pitcher hit a home run. Winter is over, spring is here, the Blue Bird of Happiness has returned.)
That's me on Saturday night about to watch the Dodger's beat the Angels.  I'm clearly delirious with joy at being back in Dodger Stadium.  I went with my parents and my Dad's new Russian BFF Sergei, who knew nothing about the game at all.  Try explaining baseball to someone.  Go ahead.  It's more complicated than you think.  But Dad seemed to be in heaven talking about bunts and sacrifice flies. And now Sergei can go back to Russia with the light and truth of baseball in his heart.
Side story:  See that usher standing to the left of me?  Long time readers of this blog will recall that she is not our normal usher.  Sid, who is 90 if he is a day, is our usher.  Every year we return fearful that Sid has called it quits, so when we saw this gal standing there we thought the worst. So we asked, "Where's Sid?" (fingers crossed)
"Taking a break.  He'll be down in a few minutes."
You made it one more year, Sid!


Gina said...

Yeah for Sid! is a concern every season and maybe he's gone to his blue heaven. I'm so glad that he's still around!

Brooke Taylor said...

I went to my first Dodgers game last summer and got hooked! I was in class for today's game, so I kept track using the MLB app while I took notes. I can't wait for them to play the D-Backs so I can get a taste of hometown pride while I'm away this summer!

Andrea said...

You scared for a minute there when you said Sid wasn't there. So glad he's still kickin'!

Rach said...

Some day you'll have to introduce me to baseball. My experience with it up to now is annoyance that it seems to have 3 seasons that mess up the entire TV schedule for weeks at a time. Now that I've gotten rid of my dish and only stream stuff online I'm pretty sure I can make peace with the sport. Next time I'm in town and it's baseball season, I'll have to go to a game with you, and you can introduce me to Sid.