Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ladies Day Out

1.  I spoke to the 8-11 year old girls this morning from church.  Is there a cuter demographic than this?  No.  Pre-teen girls are awesome.  I just love them.  Anyway, it was a big stake activity and dads were invited and there was a craft afterwards that I hung around for.  Glad I did.  Because do you know what else is really cute?  Dad's trying to figure out crafts.  They had to make this really simple macramé scarf and you could see all the men getting a little anxious, first because yarn was involved, and second because their guy brains clicked on and I could hear some of them mentioning how they wish they had rulers, or that square knot didn't look secure enough or wouldn't it just be easier if we duct taped this all together?  Dads are also awesome.

2.  It's been ages since I've purchased shoes.  I was looking for a pair of black, sling back, peep toe, 2-3 inch heels.  It was a fail on all counts.  But I did find these in the clearance section of Nordstrom's Rack.  And I had a gift card.  FREE PINK SHOES!!!!

3.  Last night at a baby shower my friend Jolene mentioned that she had never had a pedicure.  So a bunch of us went out this afternoon for one and then got some frozen yogurt afterwards and it all seemed so very Ladies Day Out. Plus, I wish you all could have seen Jolene's reaction when they painted flowers on her toes and put on little jewels.  It was priceless.  (Secret of the Blog:  in the first draft of this paragraph I typed "pedi & fro-yo" as a joke.  And then I wanted to kill myself and had to take it out. I refuse to be that woman.  I have my dignity.)

4.  Please tell me you're reading Nicola's blog. I ask because whenever she posts I get this warm, gauzy feeling in my heart and I want you to get it too.  She just ranked gelato.  This means that she's had enough gelato for a serious comparison.  We all should be so lucky. Her time in Italy alone will make you weep.

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Rach said...

Thank you for the link to Nicola's blog. I haven't met her, but I just popped over to her blog and drank in all the pictures of Italy and the food and the chocolate and the gelato. I'm super jealous of her adventures.


Dads doing crafts. That is the best. Tim made a quilt one time and it turned out completely perfect. He measured everything very carefully. He lined up patterns, and was meticulous. I was astounded by the perfection of every seam.

I need a pedicure. You've reminded me of this.

That is all.