Thursday, April 25, 2013


Why am I not an astronaut?  Why?!  WHY?!!!!

This slide show makes me want to bag it all and stow away on a Russian rocket ship. (Because dumb America doesn't send people into space anymore.  I mean, we do, but we have to thumb a ride from other countries.  Like we're hobos or something.  Why, America?!  WHY?!!!!!) 

Also, I may have a crush on ISS Commander and Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield because he has a mustache and he does cool experiments in space  and he hid eggs for his crew on Easter. Okay, yes, I spend a lot of time reading up on the ISS crew because I WANT TO BE THEM!


Valerie said...

Do you follow Chris Hatfield on twitter? Even if you are not on twitter, or have some (perfectly well-reasoned) reason for avoiding it, think about it. He posts pictures from space every day. And they're amazing. And he's amazing.

Also, you and James should have some sort of club where you brainstorm your jumpstarter campaign to get you both rides on Virgin's first space mission. He dreams of space.

Katie said...

I'm pretty sure we've already discussed this in length that you are not allowed to go into space. I'm having a panic attack just reading this.

Laura said...

I can see it now...your official title...Rachel Knecht, Space Hobo. Awesome.

Rach said...

I will fully support your trip into space if you promise me that 1. You won't stay too long and come back looking youthful and fresh while we've all gotten old and wrinkled and 2. you bring me a rock from the moon or Mars or wherever you go.

Anonymous said...

One of those photos reminded me of the view from Uriel of Earth partially covered by The Black Thing, and I kind of loved it.