Thursday, August 8, 2013

I'd go to that Convention

There's a Knights of Columbus convention going on in San Antonio this week and it's on TV.  How do I know?  Because both my dad and dear friend Andrea let me know about it.

What a horrible week to give up cable!

But also, how awesome is it that when those nearest to me see anything to do with the KOC they think of me.  That is love. Now, if only I could get people to see a 7-Eleven and buy me a Slurpee every time.

So I missed the televised mass (Dear Hulu and Netflix, this seems like a totally appropriate thing to stream.)  My dad said that it was very regal and we chatted for a bit about how the Catholics really know how to do Pomp. Just try and top them in scarlet robes, in gilded candlesticks, in satin capes and braid sashes, in incense and processionals. You can't!  They're going to beat you in ceremonial panache every time!  They've been perfecting it for 2000 years.

It makes me a little sad that Mormons aren't just a bit more flashy.

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Rach said...

We went to a Catholic wedding mass one time. It took a very long time, but the whole time all I could think about is how fabulous the bride's super fancy long train was. That was some serious pomp. And then everyone went to the party and got smashed (except us - stone cold sober).

I yell Knights of Columbus! whenever they're mentioned in anything. Like an episode of Bones Tim and I were watching. In honor of you.