Monday, August 5, 2013

L7 Weenie!

Summer is winding down and my weekends are packed with fun summery adventures:

1.  Katie, Angela and I took a mini adventure to exotic San Pedro.  You know all those trucks you see on the highway with the shipping containers?  And the trains with a hundred cars chugging through the desert? They all start in San Pedro at the Port of LA.  So by exotic I really mean mind blowing for the shear number of colorful containers from Taiwan and Bangladesh and the Philippines.  I'm talking thousands upon thousands. I wonder how easy it would be to stow away on one of those ships.  And what happens if there's a storm and the containers tumble into Pacific?

But that's not why we went.  No.  In addition to all those containers holding cheap junk for Walmart, San Pedro also has a year round indoor craft fair called Crafted.  I'm such a sucker for craft fairs.  All you basically have to do is tell me there will be hand made soap and I'm there.  But I also love how varying they are. You can get anything at a craft fair.  For example, I picked up some soap (of course), salsa, and two scarves.  So it's basically like Target, only you get to meet the person who made it.

There were clusters of colorful Chinese lanterns all over the place.  Don't you think your life would be better if you have this floating over your head all the time?

We walked into a booth of wooden artsy stuff and Angela saw a display of wooden glasses frames and the very first ones she tried on were MADE FOR HER.

Here's the soap.  It's wonderful.  And Katie picked up some body butter from them that made our skin feel like it was draped in bunnies wearing cashmere sweaters.

Once we left Crafted we began the food portion of the adventure.  Lunch at the Green Onion for the best burrito of my life (I'm still making my way through the leftovers).  Then on the way home we made a pit stop in Claremont for the Cheese Cave and then ice cream at Burt & Rocky's because Angela had never been. She got bubble gum ice cream.  I truly did not even know that they made that anymore.  

2.  Saturday night we headed out to Grand Park in downtown LA to watch the Sandlot in front of City Hall. There were food trucks and good friends and a really, really funny movie.  Not a bad way to spend an evening.

See that greenish section near the top of City Hall?  That's an observation deck. We did some research and discovered that you can go up anytime during business hours for free.  It's officially on my list.

And in case you're wondering, the Sandlot is just as great as when you were a kid.  It totally holds up.


Valerie said...

You don't need to tell me. I happen to own The Sandlot. On VHS.

Sigh, late summer weekends are the best weekends.

Rach said...

I love craft fairs. But they're much more fun to go to with other fans than with little kids that have to pee a hundred times and want to go home five minutes after you get there. So I'm jealous, and now I have another activity I need to do with you some day when I can take off for weeks at a time. Also, I love The Sandlot. I think it's almost time for my oldest to see it.

Unknown said...

Umm... so I'm super upset because the cast of the sandlot was in salt lake celebrating its 20th anniversary at the bee's game, then after the game they stuck around for a q&a then everyone got to go onto the field to watch the movie. Was I there? Nope. I didn't hear about it til right before the game and I had two major events planned for that night.

sarahgurl said...

What a perfect weekend. have you ever blogged about a trip/tour of downtown salt lake? I'm hoping it can do half the cool things LA likes to do : /