Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm with the band

I called Casey & Kylea to say, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THAT BLOG?!" (Go!  Go to that blog.) Sweet land of liberty, Addie is the Queen of All Cute Things.

And guess what, I get to see her and all the Northern Fam because I'm overlooking the fact that I'm in a huge fight with Utah and I'm going up on Saturday.

Anyway, Casey answered the phone and the first thing he said was, "How's Just Lips going?"

You remember Just Lips, right?  No.  You don't.  It's the imaginary 70s rock cover band my siblings and I have come up with.  Every so often a song will come on the radio and one of us will say, "Just Lips!  We'll fit it into our second set."  Because we have the whole tour planned out, all the way down to costume changes and pyrotechnics (We open with Kashmir.)  I could use the excuse that we were weird children, except that we planned this like 5 years ago, as fully grown adults. We have a gift for turning ridiculous ideas into elaborate plans.

So naturally whenever Casey and I talk we get around to plans for the Just Lips summer state fair tour.  We discussed the tour bus tonight.  One of the features will be an old timey soda counter, complete with a soda jerk wearing a white shirt, red bow tie, and a little paper hat. Any soda you want, our guy will make it.  Want a strawberry phosphate? An egg cream?  Just a regular root beer float?  Well, you're going to have to get yourself invited onto the bus.

Question:  if you were going to outfit your tour bus what would be on it?


Dr. Tamara D. Madensen said...

A closet full of pleather! I hope that I can be Just Lips "special guest" during your Vegas show!

Anonymous said...

I took this question to mean on the OUTSIDE of the bus, and I imagined a mating of The Electric Mayhem and Pricilla, Queen of the Desert. You're welcome.