Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Age of Flo

The Age of Flo has ended.

Flo, as you know, if the old lady manager of my apartment complex.  She's cranky, unhelpful, forgetful, stubborn, yet endearing.  I mean, how else would you explain all of us putting up with her refusal to fix anything no matter how many times you beg her?  We usually just say, "Oh, Flo," and work around it.

Well, she's retiring.  It's time.  But it's a little sad.  She's the only manager Las Brisas has had for 30+ years.

So, in honor of Flo, here are some fond memories:

1.  That one time my shower knob broke and I called her and she said, "Oh honey, you can just use some pliers to turn it on and off." And then when I said that wouldn't work she told me to go buy a new one and install it.  So when I told her that I would do that, and take it out of my rent, plus send her my invoice for doing independent contract work she sent someone over to fix it.

2.  That one time I called her to tell her we didn't have any water and she said, "Oh, no honey.  Your water is working. You just don't have any hot water." Apparently they were working on the water heater and she didn't tell us. And she kept insisting that we had water, just not hot water, even though no water, hot or cold was coming out of any of the faucets.

3.  That one time she gave my key to a worker who just unlocked my door and walked right in without knocking or announcing himself as I was making a salad in the kitchen.  And when I called her and told her that she can't just give my key out she said, "Oh honey, of course I can.  I give keys out to everyone."

4.  All those times she called up to say, "Honey, do you have any more of your people (meaning Mormons) who what to move in?"

5.  She would get her hair done once a week, which is such an endearing old lady thing to do and I plan on following suit when I enter the Muu Muu Years.

6.  She came to one of our ward activities and gave us all hugs because she was so happy to see us.

So long Flo!  We'll miss you.  And that really short bathrobe you wear when you answer the door.  Your legs are great for 90.


Rach said...

I love Flo, just because of what you've told me about her. I'm sorry and glad for you at the same time. Please fill us in on her replacement. I'd love for you to have someone on the ball, but with lots of character.

Bliss' said...

On the way home last night Bryon and I started reminiscing about Flo. A couple more stories for you. There was the time we had an ant problem and they were coming through the kitchen window. Flo told us oh just move the food away from them and they will go away. Bryon ended up caulking the window and we didn't have any more ants.

We had water dripping on our car from the apartment above. It was Chinese water torture for our car. After days of Flo telling us that it was no big deal and that it would go away Gene finally came out to look at it. He decided to drill a little hole to see what was going on. Water poured out of that hole for over an hour.

Kelly said...

When I read the title of your post I thought it was the end of your monthly periods! You're still a bit too young for that.

Flo sounds awesome, you should totally give her a Book of Mormon as a parting gift, with some of your custom felt book marks.


Anonymous said...

I also give your apartment key to everyone, fyi. And I want Flo's job. Who's getting Flo's job? I want Flo's job.