Friday, September 13, 2013

The Council of Elvira

So the early Catholic church held something called the Council of Elvira back in 304 AD.

Naturally, I imagined the Oakridge Boys performing after the priests finished up their breakaway sessions.


Andrea said...

So funny. When I was a kid, every year our ward used to have an over-nighter campout in Yuciapa to celebrate Pioneer day. They'd have square dancing and they would always play this song and everyone would line dance to it. Funny how this song makes me think about Pioneers. Thanks for bringing back happy memories.

Heather said...

Someone was just telling me, the other day, how their bishopric would always sing this song on ward camp-outs. It didn't matter who was in the bishopric. It was a requirement. You get called, you get to sing Elvira at the camp-out. Funny that this song is linked to tradition in at least one other ward. I wonder how many others are on board? Maybe we should all start Elvira traditions in our wards, too.

sarahgurl said...

I remember rocking out to that song with you in the back of my parents van [that had no seats] on an 8 track

Rachel said...

I would consider listening to Elvira somewhat of a spiritual experience.