Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A plan to be brave

I just found out that my astronaut hero, mustachioed Canadian and former commander of the International Space Station Chris Hadfield, will be speaking and signing books on November 11 at the Grove.  So if I go this will officially turn into the Year Of Going Against My Very Nature of Shying Away From People I Admire For Fear Of Not Having Anything to Say and Possibly Bursting Into Tears and Just Sucking It Up and Doing It Because They've Inspired Me And I Should Tell Them So.

Do you think if I'm really charming and friendly (Fat chance.  I'll be a mute.) he'll tell me the secret to stowing away on the next Russian space ship?

Step 1:  Get to Russia

When I wrote about meeting Neil Gaiman, my sister-in-law Kylea sent me this clip, which illustrates my mental state exactly in similar situations:

I have faith I'll keep it together.  Anyone want to join me?  We can get ice cream at Carmela afterwards.  It's the second best ice cream in LA and it's right across the street.  Stories of space exploration AND chocolate nib ice cream?  Yes.


Rach said...

I'm pretty sure if I met Jon Bon Jovi I'd react that way. Now that you've already met Neil Gaiman, this will be a breeze. Have fun!

Cynde said...

I would love to go!!! I am sure Ry would too. Hmmm, wonder if he is coming out too? Let's ponder how we might be able to go with you.

Valerie said...

I tend not to speak to celebrities when I happen upon them. I mean, besides offering a verbal thumbs up, what is left to talk about? And it's not that they're going to WANT to talk to me, but if they're silence, how do I say goodbye and . . . then the world explodes. So, I just avoid it.

The exception (and there are ALWAYS exceptions) was when I saw Ira Glass. I just knew, he and I were going to me. And talk, and probably become fast friends for life (FFFL). I didn't even wonder what I should say, I just knew. When you see Chris Hatfield, you'll just know what to say.

But, if you can't think of anything, thank him, from me, for sharing his amazing, amazing experience with us all.