Monday, October 14, 2013

It was a Sunday Miracle

I was going to link to a video here that had me ROLLING all weekend only to discover today that it has been removed from YouTube.  Which is a crying shame because it was so funny that in the temple on Friday night I remember it and started giggling.

Oh, like you've never thought of something funny in the temple and had to muffle hysterical laughter.

Along with the temple we went to Cafe Rio and then back to Allie's house for a soak in the hot tub. Should every night be like this? Yes. 

Also, can we just acknowledge how amazing my bangs look in this picture?

We were about to start a game of Ticket to Ride last night when Camille shouted out, "Don't move! You're bangs are perfect!" And then I made her take this picture for posterity, and also so I could see for myself, because never in my life have my bangs been perfect. Never! You know how they plague my very soul. My posture is lacking but oh, those bangs.


Please enjoy... said...

your picture posing is awesome. your bangs too. and yes, i've got the giggles before too, thinking about random things.
and i just had it on sunday in sunday school... remember?
anyway, you rock.
your visiting teachee... ;)

Angela said...

Your bangs DO look great!

I love that you were playing Ticket to Ride when this all went down. Good game.

Bring that over for before our BBC watchathon, will ya?


Rach said...

You always look great, but you and your hair look FABULOUS in that picture! I really wish you could have posted whatever made you laugh so hard, because I'm pretty sure it would have made me laugh too. Every once in a while I think about a few parts from the movie Austenland and start giggling. It's nice to have something funny to bring to mind during solemn occasions.

Heidi said...

Those are so awesome bangs.