Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Post Season

We scored tickets to the Dodgers/Braves playoff game last night and boy was it a doozie.  I'm pretty sure I had multiple heart attacks during many innings.  Particularly the 8th.  But we won. EEEEEEE!!!!!  And the place was bananas.  I mean, a) I've never seen that many people at Dodger Stadium before and b) I've never seen that many people at Dodger Stadium in the 9th inning before and c) holy cats, that was an exciting game and the crowd was eating it up.  We were all dialed up to 10 the whole night.  And every hit got a round of high fives from all the neighbors. 
Anyway, this was my view:
He was one of four mop-headed youths who sat in front of us. It was worse when we all stood but it provided some comedy. I managed to peak through the locks.
Is this place heaven or what?


Valerie said...

There's nothing like a ball game.

Rach said...

I really need to start a word document of stuff to do with you when I visit by myself some day. A Dodger game will be on that list. I have never felt the urge to watch baseball, but I'm guessing one game with you and I'll be hooked.