Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Triumphal Return of IWP

It was cold and rainy yesterday (Welcome back Inclement Weather Paralysis!).  It was the first cold and rainy day we've had since last winter. If you're not from around here, let me give you an idea of what happens:  It starts to rain.  People walk to the doors and windows to watch and comment on how it is raining.  And then other people come in and say, "It's really raining outside and it's cold." And they stand by the window and talk some more about it.  They are usually either dressed in very large, heavy coats and hats or in shorts and flip flops. This is because we don't know what to do when it's cold and rainy.  Those in coats have probably had that coat for months or years and only get to wear it just a few times each season so any opportunity to wear it has to be taken advantage of.  Also, we think we're going to die if it dips below 70.  And those in flip flops forget that there is bad weather from time to time and when you wear flip flops every day for months on end you can't bring yourself to not wear them. No one has an umbrella because no one can remember where they put it after they used it back in April.

In case you think I'm judging, I'll tell you that I'm right along with them.  I comment on how wet and cold it is just like everyone else. I walked out of my house with just a light sweater even though I knew it was supposed to rain. I happened to luck out by having an umbrella in my trunk.  I find it kind of adorable how dopey we are about it.

But I love rainy days because IWP means that I have a valid excuse to come home and put on my jimjams and make soup.  Which I did.

PS.  Happy birthday to my brother Sam.  He is the funniest person I know.  And he makes really great cream puffs and knows a lot about everything. He's a great brother.  And he has cute kids.


Stacy said...

I especially love Tom's face in that pic. It really shows who he is.

Heather said...

I have tried to explain my IWP to a few people, but no one seems to understand it is a real thing, and I experience it. I was one of those flip flop people, because I figure that's better than having soggy, wet shoes and socks on. I can't do that anymore... :-(
Miss you!

Rach said...

I didn't understand until I came to California in January and sat on the beach in the sunshine. I could get used to that, but then it would be a shock to have bad weather. So I hear you.