Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Autumnal Decor

What are your thoughts on decorating graves?  Like for holidays and stuff? I think flowers are nice.  I don't go for much more but I also can't judge how someone else honors the dead. If you want to put a teddy bear picnic around a headstone (which I have seen) then go for it.

I drive by a cemetery every morning on my way to work.  A big one on a hill.  So I see a lot of grave side decorations.  There are always a few baskets with stuffed animals at Easter, and the occasional mini tree at Christmas.  But for the most part it's just flowers.

Well, this morning I was stuck in traffic so I had a long, slow view of the hill, and as I approached the top I noticed a man standing over a grave.  He was very still.  And his arms were stretched out.  And there was straw coming out of his sleeves.

Yep.  It was a scarecrow.  Someone decorated their dearly departed's grave with a scarecrow.  You know, for fall.

Side note:  wouldn't it be fascinating to talk to the guy who has to go around picking this stuff up?  I mean, old flowers are one thing, but a scarecrow?  Actually, I think anyone who works in the death and burial business in fascinating.  How does one end up becoming a coroner?  Or a funeral director?  I should research this.


Andrea said...

This cracks me up. Yesterday I was at a JoAnn's and there were these huge scarecrow decorations on sale. I remember saying to myself "Who in their right mind would buy one of those things and put it on display?" Now I have my answer.

Allison Ware said...

I went to forest lawn on Christmas and there was a family there with a full size tree opening up their presents. I felt so awkward standing next to them I only stayed for a second. I'm glad I only had to drive to Hollywood because if I had come from a long distance I would've had to join them and ask them to pass the hot cocoa.

Angela said...

I was going to say "Only in America," but you know what, I could see this happening in more than one town here.


Rach said...

Well, that's one way to make a grave festive...I guess. I think it's a little creepy. But at least it wasn't one of those witches that look like they've run into something. That would have been tacky. Also, have you seen the movie Bernie? You should.