Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Cat with No Name

I'm house sitting again. This time for the Duke and Charla. The Duke is my dad's cousin. Picture Santa in a Hawaiian shirt and that's him. They're taking their daughter Jessica up to school and then driving around in their RV for a few weeks. I'm looking after their pond and their cat and their mountains and mountains of surfing tchotchkes.

I was over at the house on Sunday, having them show me around the place before they left, and I asked all sorts of really good questions like where do I put the mail and how often does the cleaning lady come and how do I work the alarm. Do you know what I didn't ask? What's your cat's name?

I've been calling her Kitty out of neccessity but I think it's time we name her. So I need your help. Here's what she looks like when she's lounging:

And here's what she looks like right before she eats your face off:

If a good name comes to you leave it in the comment section. I should probably give a prize out to induce you. Okay, if you come up with the winning name I will make you a mixer cd. And believe me, you want one of my mixer cds.

Let me warn you though, I will judge you based on the name you suggest. I have very strong feelings about animal names. I worked at an animal hospital for a while and I came across a lot of ridiculous names like Sweety and Snowflake and
Precious-Baby-Pudda-Wudda-Kitty-Cat Walsh. For the sake of our friendship, do not make this mistake.


Amanda said...

I think that you should call her Shuffle Board. It just came to me without thinking (obviously) and I think that is because it is divine inspiration.
I have always wanted to name a cat. Not because I want one, I just want to name one. My name of choice is usually Anastasia. It is such a nice name, but one of those 'I can't name a child' names. However, on observing the coloring of your cat and especially her 'eat your face off' look, she is definitely no Anastasia. So, Shuffle Board is my suggestion. If you don't like Shuffle Board, I suggest something Russian. Just a thought.

Heather said...

How about if you name her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ...Ya, I'm really not good at naming anything...but I blame my father; when we were finally allowed to have a pet he named her vomit. and the next dog was maxi-pad. trust me--you dont want my help here. But I hope you have a great day!

Liz the Poet said...

Rachel, are all of your associates travelers? You seem to always be housesitting.

Or, are you in some kind of Housesitters of America club? If so, how do I join? I could use a little alone time.

Okay, on to the cat. Since she already has a name, I feel it's best not to confuse her, so I suggest a word(s) that she hears all the time like "Food" or "Litter Box" or "Go Away."

Another option is a word(s) that explains your situation to the cat, something like "Temporary" or "No Name" or "Don't Care."

But, in reality, she's not going to come when you call her anyway, so I'd just call her "Here, Cat," and not be offended when she walks the other way.

Ms. Liz said...

You really should get the gold metal for housesitting - do you like work out and prep during the off season? Cause thats usually critical for success.

Naming wise - I've considered it and the pictures for an hour or two and I have two suggestions. One "Chloe". I don't know why I like that name right now but its earthy and self satisfied at the same time which is pretty much the feline nature and the second is "Mae" - because I've seen pictures of Mae West making both of those faces as well.

But Liz W is probably right - she won't come anyway so you can call her Father Guido Sarducci and it won't matter. Cheers -

Anonymous said...

In honor of your fallen servants, I say you should name the cat Sumo.

Although, I'm a big fan of Father Guido Sarducci too!


Anonymous said...

Rachel, I haven't yet settled on a name, but wanted to wish you a most excellent birthday! Vicky just doesn't appreciate small plastic dinosaurs the way you do. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

I think the cat's name should be:

Pelageya Yakovlevna Polubarinova Kochina

Bronwyn James said...

Rachel, Bronwyn here. I want you to know that I have a gift for naming things, so I have decided to help you out. Amanda was on the right track with something Russian. Her name shall be Nastasia.

Bronwyn James said...

P.S. I'm really looking forward to one of your mixer cds!